The summary of the tenth day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, 5th of March 2022.

The situation on the ground is tense, but stable. Russian forces didn’t gain much new ground and lost several jets and helicopters. Ukrainian forces are holding the defense lines firmly.

Southern frontline

Mykolaiv area

Russian troops landed near Voznesensk and attacked the town. After fierce fighting, Ukrainian troops maintain the control over the town. A reconnaissance element attacked a Ukrainian checkpoint near Mykolaiv, but the assault was repelled.

At least two Russian helicopters were downed in Mykolaiv Region today.

Tokmak area

Russian forces pushed towards Orikhiv, bypassing Tokmak. Ukrainian Army suspected they might launch the attack on Orikhiv today, but nothing happened. There is a reasonable suspision they are pushing towards Zaporizhzhia instead.

Note: We have visual confirmation that Tokmak was under Ukrainian control on March 3. There is no information on current situation, but neither side reported the gain/lose of Tokmak since then.

Northern frontline

Kyiv area

Russian forces attacked Irpin from the western flank and entered the town. Latest reports suggest this flanking maneuver was successfully pushed back.

The enemy jets hit Zhytomyr Armored Plant and caused vast damage.

Chernhiv area

Ukrainian 1st Tank Brigade and attached elements continue to hold on. Ukrainian anti-air crews downed a Russian jet above Chernihiv today.

Ichnia area

Ukrainian forces reported a destruction of Russian convoy near Rusaniv again. There is probably a much larger Russian element in the area than we thought.

Eastern frontline

Sumy area

Russian forces established a base in Trostianets. The city of Sumy continues to be under heavy shelling, but Ukrainian forces are holding.

Kharkiv area

We’re still waiting on the result of the Ukrainian offensive east of Kharkiv. Meanwhile, Russian forces pushed south of Balakliia, but were ambushed by Ukrainian 25th Airmobile Brigade.

We assume Russian forces from Balakliia tried, and will try again, to push south and link up with Russian forces from the Southern frontline. However, they still have a long way to go.

Donbas frontline

Izium area

There’s been no changes reported from this area today.

Luhansk area

Ukrainian SBU announced that Russian troops entered the town of Bilovodsk today. There was no resistance as the town was abandoned by Ukrainian troops. We are still waiting on confirmation of the rest of the towns in the area.

Ukrainian 57th Mechanized Brigade ambushed Russian forces in the area between Svatove and Slovyansk, and destroyed several enemy vehicles.

Donetsk area

Russian troops reached Kalchynivka and ambushed a Ukrainian convoy heading from Nikolske to Rozivka. As a result of the ambush, at least ten Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

Ukrainian forces still control a small portion of Volnovakha. They managed to kill the commander of Sparta Battalion, the infamously known battalion of DPR.


Both sides agreed on a temporary ceasefire and humanitarian corridor from Mariupol and Volnovakha, but the evacuation didn’t happen. Ukrainian forces and Red Cross accused Russian forces of breaking the agreed ceasefire. The fight goes on.

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