Summary of the situation on the battlefield and the recap of the previous month.

Overall SITREP:

The overall situation for Ukrainian defenders took a turn for the worse in April. The most precarious situation arose in the direction of Avdiivka, where the enemy exploited a vulnerability in the Ukrainian defense. This breach complicated the Ukrainian defense in the area; however, the situation, while challenging, is not critical, and the order to withdraw was issued in a timely manner.

Throughout March, the majority of Russian advances resulted in significant losses of manpower and equipment, a trend that continued into April. Despite over a year of resolute defense, Ukrainian defenders lost control of Novomykhailivka in Donetsk Oblast. The cost Russia army paid for the settlement was tremendous, and only shows Russian willingness to sacrifice a large amount of resources to reach their goals.

The pivotal event didn’t unfold on the battlefield but rather abroad. The US government has finally approved much-needed financial aid to Ukraine. This development brings hope that the situation regarding ammunition shortage will soon be resolved, contributing to the stabilization of the overall situation.

Avdiivka axis

  • Russian troops advanced west of Tonenke towards Umanske.
  • The enemy made progress towards Yasnobrodivka.
  • Russian forces captured Pervomaiske on April 9, 2024.
  • Russian troops entered Semenivka on April 6, 2024, and gained full control over the settlement on April 27.
  • The invasion forces reached a railway overpass north of Avdiivka on April 14, 2024.
  • Russian troops advanced north along the railway and entered Ocheretyne settlement on April 18.
  • On April 25, the enemy captured Novobakhmutivka and entered the nearby Soloviove.
  • Russian forces captured Soloviove on April 27, 2024.
  • The enemy gained full control over Berdychi on April 27, 2024.
  • Russian troops entered Netailove from the direction of Pervomaiske on April 28, 2024.
  • On April 29, Russian forces made progress in Ocheretyne and reached the western and north-eastern edge of the town.

Bakhmut axis

  • Russian forces reached the south-western edge of Ivanivske, and gained full control over the settlement.
  • Russian VDV troops advanced along the road 0506 and reached the eastern edge of Chasiv Yar.
  • On April 14, 2024, the enemy consolidated its gains around Chasiv Yar.
  • The invasion forces gained full control over Bohdanivka settlement on April 20, 2024.
  • Russian troops reached the Siverskyi Donets – Donbas Canal in the area south of Chasiv Yar on April 30.

Kupyansk axis

  • Russian troops captured at least a half of Kyslivka settlement on April 28, 2024.

Novopavlivka axis

  • Russian forces entered Krasnohorivka from the south-eastern direction on April 9, and made further gains towards the center on April 16 and 17, 2024.
  • Russian forces advanced from the direction of Staromykhailivka towards Krasnohorivka, and captured Ukrainian positions north-east of the town.
  • The enemy reached the western edge of Novomykhailivka on April 22, 2024, and captured the settlement.

Kherson axis

  • Ukrainian marines made progress by advancing further into Krynky.

Situation per region

Russian invasion forces currently occupy the following regions of Ukraine:

Donetsk Oblast0% (+0,26)
Kharkiv Oblast0% (+0,01)
Kherson Oblast0% (+0)
Luhansk Oblast0% (+0)
Mykolaiv Oblast0% (+0)
Zaporizhzhia Oblast0% (+0)

Crimea is occupied by 100% and is not listed.

Overall situation in Ukraine

Ukraine0% (+0,01)

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April frontline situation was GREAT for UA in comparison with May


Thank you for your work!

Max Beckhaus

Thx for this format Jerome!


Thank you for the report!


Thank you, Mr Jerome.
Main effort of Russa : Avdiivka axis
Main effort of Ukraine : Bakhmut front

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