June 14, 2024

Expansion of Air Assault Forces

A new battalion and regiment appeared in the structure of the paratroopers.

Photo: Air Assault Forces

The command of the Air Assault Forces of Ukraine has formed a new unit, the 421st Battalion of Unmanned Systems. The creation of this battalion aligns with current trends in modern warfare, emphasizing the increasing importance of unmanned systems on the battlefield, and it can also be seen as an analog to 414th Drone Battalion of the Ukrainian Marines.

Furthermore, the 170th Logistics Battalion of the Air Assault Forces has undergone expansion, transforming from a battalion into a full regiment. This upgrade reflects the growing logistical needs of the Air Assault Forces.

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170th Logistics Regiment

Air Assault Forces

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There is no question that the Ukrainian army is now the best and most experienced army in the field of unmanned aerial combat. This knowledge will be quite valuable for NATO…