The summary of the most important things that happened on February 20.



One soldier was seriously wounded as the result of shelling of Ukrainian positions. His condition is stable.

Major Events

More military convoys with Z marks

More and more videos are appearing on social media showing Russian military convoys moving in Belgorod and Kurks Regions towards Ukraine. All vehicles in these convoys are marked with “Z” on sides.

Abkhazia is ready to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Donbas Republics

28th Mechanized Brigade has been deployed to Odesa

The 28th Mechanized Brigade will defend Odesa in case of invasion.

Shelling reported near Krymske, Luhansk Region

Video published by Ukrainian soldier shows shelling near Krymske village, Luhansk Region.

Russia defacto closing the Sea of Azov. Active until Feb 26

Russian side issued new NOTAM warning and de-facto closed the Sea of Azov, strating today.

Several Russian ships of Black Sea Fleet entered the Sea of Azov through Kerch strait today

BMPT Terminator spotted on a train moving towards Ukrainian border


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