The summary of the most important things that happened on February 19.


Two Ukrainian soldiers have been killed today in Donbas.

Sidorov Anton
30th Mechanized Brigade – 3rd Mechanized Battalion
He was killed during an artillery attack on Ukrainian positions in Svitlodarsk Arc.


Kononenko Denis
Unit not specified
He was killed during a mortar attack on Ukrainian positions. Exact location unknown.


Major Events

Shelling of Ukrainian checkpoint at Shchastia

Ukrainian checkpoint at Shchastia was shelled by mortars in the morning. No casualties reported. Two videos of the attack can be found on our Twitter via links below.

Two artillery shells landed at Rostov Region

Two shells exploded on the territory of Russian Rostov Region this morning. Investigation is ongoing, but Russia suspects Ukrainian Army.

The event is most likely staged.

Ukrainian delegation came under fire

A delegation of Ukrainian deputies, including the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs, visited Donbas today. The delegation came under fire near the frontline. Video of the incident via link below.

DPR forces attacked unknown air target flying above Donetsk

Transnistria sudden readiness checks

Late in the evening, Russian Forces stationed in Transnistria announced sudden combat readiness check and night military drills.


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