Ukrainian 92nd Mechanized Brigade has been reformed as an assault brigade.

Rumors appeared last month that there’s intention to reform Ukrainian 92nd Mechanized Brigade as an assault brigade. Today, the information was officially confirmed by the brigade’s staff. The famous 92nd Mechanized Brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces is now 92nd Assault Brigade.

The main differences between mechanized and assault brigade is the composition and specialization. A standard Ukrainian mechanized brigade has three (some additional fourth as well) mechanized battalions, while an assault brigade has two mechanized and two assault battalions.

Assault battalions specialize, as the name suggests, on storming enemy positions and only soldiers of certain age and training can be part of assault units. Mechanized units can be used for offensive operation as well, but their main tasks are holding designated areas and repelling enemy attacks.

Ukrainian 92nd Brigade participated in several offensive operations, even led some of them. The change is a logical step to differ the brigade from others.

Soldier of the brigade wrote a song about the unit on this occasion, you can listen to it on the official page.

Unit’s page on our site has been updated to reflect the changes above.

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