Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia plan to supply Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-air weapons.

Announced today, Baltic States stands united in support of Ukraine independence. Lithuania and Latvia will supply Stinger anti-air weapons.

Estonia will delivered Javelin anti-tank weapons. The delivery should happen in the upcoming days and was approved by the United States. The US had to approve the delivery because they were the previous owner.

Estonia wanted to transfer fourty-two 122mm howitzers D-30 as well, but Germany blocked the transfer. The Soviet made howitzers were stationed in former East Germany. In 1990s, Germany exported the weapons to Finland, which then passed them to Estonia in 2019.

Due to weapon treaties, approval of both previous owners was needed. Finland approved the export, Germany didn’t, and the weapons will remain on Estonian soil.

Unlike the US, Britain and other allies, Germany continues to refuse to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.

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