Ukrainian Ground, Air and Naval forces received numerous of new and modernized equipment.

On December 6, Ukrainian Armed Forces received a new batch of military equipment. Ground forces, including units deployed in Donbas, received new tanks and armored personnel carriers. Air force received modernized planes and helicopter and Navy two boats. The United States played an important role in those deliveries as all transferred HMMWVs and Island type patrol boats were delivered to Ukraine by the United States as part of logistical assistance.

Full list of received equipment

MBT – main battle tank // APC – armored personnel carrier // MPAV – multipurpose armored vehicle // LAV – light armored vehicle

Ground Forces

  • 92nd Mechanized Brigade – 3x T-64BM2 (MBT), 10x BTR-4E (APC)
  • 3rd Special Purpose Regiment – unknown number of Kozak-2M1 (MPAV), 13x HMMWV (LAV)
  • 73rd Naval Center of Special Operations – 10x Kozak-2M1
  • 81st Airmobile Brigade – 20x Kozak-2M1
  • 8th Special Purpose Regiment – 15x HMMWV
  • 140th Special Purpose Center – 12x HMMWV

Air Force

  • 31st Air Brigade – 1x modernized Su-27
  • 203rd Training Brigade – 1x L-39
  • 456th Transport Brigade – 1x Mi-8MTV-1, 1x An-26

Naval Force

  • 2x Island type boats


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