AirAssault troops train for Challanger 2 tanks

The recent visit of Ukrainian President Zelensky to the United Kingdom revealed which unit will use British tanks.

Ukrainian President Zelensky and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom visited a military facility in the southern England to meet Ukrainian troops which are being trained to operate Challanger 2 tanks.

Photos of the visit shows that tank crews of 25th Airborne Brigade and 80th AirAssault Brigade are currently in the United Kingdom, learning how to operate British tanks. The training is under the supervision of Ukrainian 199th Training and Education Center of AirAssault troops.


a soldier of 80th AirAssault Brigade meeting Ukrainian President

a soldier of 25th Airborne Brigade meeting Ukrainian President

servicemen of 199th Training and Education Center

The United Kingdom plans to transfer 14 Challenger tanks to Ukraine by the end of March of this year.

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We will supply enough Kornets to burn em all down into ashes

Taymyr 74

Stupid “vata”! )))


Aren’t they called Challenger 2 tanks?

Pikująca Szozda

Yes, they’re sending those, too.

Ya boi

Why are two separate brigades training if it’s only 14 tanks? Would just be enough for a company right? Does each brigade just get a couple of platoons? Or maybe more challengers to come?


these are ‘air assault’ (technically it is something along ‘air cavalry’/’copter troops’ stuff) brigades not armored or even mechanised. I’ve asked Jerome if he has access for an actual patterns of UKR units but did not get the answer.
A company of tanks with 2 companies of AFV would make an armored batallion composition.


Ukrainian air assault and airmobile brigades usually have 1 tank company


I am not arguing. The composition I was giving is the general matrix. I have no idea – honestly – how UKR brigades are composed. Not mentioning that an actual composition during active combat and the normalised scheme are two very different realities.

Lev Vuksin

Pretty Sure there Armor company is just 2 platoons of tanks then support and reconnaissance elements.


In opfor(RU or UA) organisation a battallion would have 31 tanks, 3 squadrons of 10 tanks, each squadron 3 platoons of 3 tanks plus the CO tank. So a squadron with two platoons and a recce component plus th Commanding Officers tank would make this count possible.


Just because people from two units are there greeting him doesn’t mean they are both training on the tanks.


Ukraine finally getting some proper armor. Best of luck to training crew, they’re badly needed. It’s a bit ironic Airborne are using and training on MBT’s, Normally would expected Mech or armour units training on MBT’s, but not much use for any risky airdrops with the current force imbalance. Wonder if they have any airborne capability left at this point or just retained the name from older era.


Ukranian Air Assault guys are just treated as elite light infantry/shock troops at this point. No point in large scale helicopter assault or drops.For now at least lol