Armored vehicle launched bridges based on US-made M60 Patton tank arrived to Ukraine.

Announced back in March 2023, US pledged to deliver M60 AVLB armored vehicles to Ukrainian Forces. The M60 AVLB is based on the hull of M60 Patton tank with 18 m scissors type bridge on the top.

Our site recently managed to obtain photos of an unknown armored vehicle in the service of Ukrainian 5th Tank Brigade. We reach out to our Discord’s contributor and expert on vehicles, jeff2146, who identified the vehicle as M60 AVLB. (thanks!) It is the first sighting of M60 AVLB vehicles in the service of Ukrainian forces.

5th Tank Brigade is Ukrainian newest tank brigade, formed in January 2023. Given the recent statements by the brigade’s officials, this is a new formation and not the continuation of the 5th Tank Brigade of Reserve Corps, formed back in 2016. Interestingly enough, the Ukrainian soldier in the first photo wears the insignia of 2016’s brigade.

Unit’s page of 5th Tank Brigade has been updated to reflect changes above.

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