5th Assault Regiment is now a brigade

Ukraine expands its firstborn assault regiment formed in May 2022 to a size of brigade.

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy presented battle flags to military units of the Armed Forces and assault brigades of the Offensive Guard on February 24, 2023. It became known that 5th Assault Regiment is no longer a regiment, but has been reformed into a brigade and is now known as 5th Separate Assault Brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces.

the battle flag of 5th Assault Brigade

The unit’s page has been updated to reflect the change.



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ore cannon fodder, if they send this one to Bakhmut, it will be at 50% in a month. Keep sending them in Zelensky


That’s EXACTLY the attitude which made the 3-day war a currently 365 one with no end in sight, massive RU casualties, international humiliation, and loss of all soft power and credibility.
You RU never learn.
By all means, keep beating yourself on the chest and underestimating your opponent.

Pikująca Szozda

So how big is a brigade, normally?


From 3000 to 4000, or more. Defends on the brigade an consistence. Normal Mechinesed brigade has 3 Mechinesed Battalions and one Tank Battalion. Plus some other supporting units.

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The Italian brigades have 6,000 personnel and are of the NATO type, a mechanized brigade is made up of two or three infantry regiments, one cavalry regiment, one artillery regiment, one engineer regiment plus a logistic and transmission regiment


It has long been known that she has three Mechanized Battalions and one Tank Battalion. At 3 Assault. Two mech battalions and two assault battalions.