The newly formed Ukrainian mechanized brigade has started to receive new combat equipment.

Photos on social media posted by Ukrainian soldiers reveal that 44th Mechanized Brigade recieved KTO Rosomak armored personnel carriers and Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks. Most of the brigade is currently in Poland, but will soon head back to Ukraine to help to liberate currently occupied Ukrainian land.

The brigade, known as “the Polish one”, is a mechanized unit of Ukrainian Ground Forces formed in the spring 2023. A mechanized battalion of the brigade received Polish-donated BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles a while ago, and has been already deployed to the front near Kreminna. The remaining two mechanized battalions will be likely equipped with KTO Rosomaks.

Ukrainian soldier with KTO Rosomak during a training. source: Facebook

KTO Rosomak is 8×8 wheeled armored personnel carrier produced by Polish Armaments Group company. The Ukrainian government ordered 200 Rosomaks for its army in 2023, with the first 100 to be delivered the same year.

Ukrainian crews with KTO Rosomak in the background. source: Facebook

It’s not the only wheeled armored personnel carrier of the brigade. We informed about Slovenia-donated Valuk armored personnel carries in the service of 44th Mechanized Brigade on our Twitter roughly two months ago.

These aren’t the only western equipment in the service of the brigade. At least one tank company, but given the amount of promised tanks, possibly the full tank battalion, should receive Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks.

Tankman of 44th Mechanized Brigade with Leopard 1A5. source: Facebook

In addition to all that, the artillery unit of the brigade acquired 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers.

2S1 Gvozdika SPG of 44th Mechanized Brigade

44th Mechanized Brigade is one of the youngest Ukrainian combat brigades of Ukrainian Army. Learn more about the brigade and visit the unit’s page on our site.

Disclaimer: All information in the article based on publicly available sources. No private details or conversations used to obtain anything written above.

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Godspeed to them.


Thanks for the update Jerome. Hey, a digression, but have you heard anything fromthe 13th Jager? Been so log since I saw any mention of them that I’m starting to confuse them with the IX Roman Legion…

Lev Vuksin

There Facebook posted a video July 1st that looked to be at a training ground somewhere.

Lev Vuksin

This brigade was clearly designed off recent experience at the US NTC where they experimented blending 2 Stryker batallions with 1 bradley batallion. Except with Valuks and Rosomaks as strikers and bmp1 as bradley.


Now that’s the kind of TOE experimentation I want to know more about! Happen to have a good source for NTC or JRTC related publications or news?

Been personally figuring on a 1:2:1 ration of armor/mechinf/wheeled for a while. But I suppose the scouts could go heavy and the infantry ride on wheels..

Lev Vuksin

Check out Armor magazine its in the most recent Issue written by Capt King they got alot about the restored Division Cavalry Squadron wich is another thing the Ukrainians have been using in the form of independent Recon battalions attached to division and Corp sized groupings of brigades.

Lev Vuksin

I was a cavalry scout and the troop I was in was kind of experimental too we had 2 humvee platoons and 2 Bradley Platoons.


Thanks! I was briefly a 19D a couple decades back. We were a humvee/Bradley mix too. Experience definitely keeps me thinking about how stuff works in Ukraine right now. Peace!

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