The map shows the status of Project Wall, a fortified border barrier currently under construction by Ukraine on the Russia-Ukraine border since 2014. The wall was supposed to be completed in 2018 but a year before its completion, it was delayed to 2020. The estimated cost is 250 million euros and the main people behind the project are suspected of stealing the funds.

Visualized data based on the following public sources: Google, Apple, Esri and Yandex. The map does not reflect the current status, based on satellite data of 2016-2018 and recent news.

Low/none fortification

The fortification either hasn’t been built yet or the border is marked only with stick poles or simple fence. It’s no obstacle for any army.

Medium fortification

Antitank traps or mud barrier reinforced by a fence or any other obstacle. It might be harder for military vehicles but modern infantry shouldn’t have issues to overcome such fortification.

Heavy fortification

Antitank ditch reinforced by mud barrier, fence, trenches or watchtowers. It requires heavy engineering equipment to overcome this kind of fortification.


Low nature barrier

Small stream or forest. It’s no obstacle for modern armies.

Medium nature barrier

River, static water bodies such as a lake or dam or dense forest. It requires engineering equipment to overcome it.

Large nature barrier

Large river or sea. It requires heavy engineering equipment or it’s not possible at all and aviation is needed instead. Heavy nature barriers cannot be overcome without notice.