Lavender company

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Active Submission Role Size Garrison Alligience
Summer 2014 – today National Police Mechanized Infantry 50 men Rivne Government

Lavender company (Батальйон Лаванда) is a consolidated detachment of traffic and special police in Rivne region. The unit was formed on the basis of disbanded Berkut unit in Rivne. While Lavander is the official name of the unit, it didn’t gain much popularity and consolidated detachment is used instead. Insignias weren’t distributed although they exist. The unit wears standard Ministry of Internal Affairs insignias.

The current structure of the unit is unknown.


Locally made Flecktarn uniform is very popular among volunteers across Ukraine. It’s cheap and widely available. The pattern works well in the various environment.

Border Guards type

Camouflage developed specially for border guards of Ukraine. Due to the lack of other uniforms, it is also used by other units.

There is no information available about the equipment of this unit.

The unit was not deployed to the frontline.


There are no reports of losses for this unit.


There are no reports of losses of equipment for this unit.

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