Myrotvorets Regiment


May 2014 – today


National Police


Mechanized Infantry


300 men


Kyiv Region



Myrotvorec regiment (Полк Миротворець) was a volunteer battalion of Ministry of Internal Affairs until 2015, when the unit was reformed into a regiment together with other units, namely Kyivschyna, Harpoon and Tornado. In 2017, it was reported that a significant part of the unit, mainly the volunteers, was laid off due to insufficient experience. The unit protects important facilities and ensures public order in Kyiv Region.

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List of news posts which mentions the unit.

Operation Report 2021 – Week #14

Operation Report is a summary of what happened in the Joint Forces Operation Zone (previously known as Anti-Terrorist Operation zone or ATO) during the last week.

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Ukraine reports three KIA

The situation in Donbas worsens every day.

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Kyiv and Myrotvorets available

Kyiv’s and Myrotvorets’s regiment pages have been added to our site. The pages contain the unit’s structure, equipment, uniforms, and warpath.

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1st Company

The first company was formed from members of Myrotvorets battalion. The unit closely cooperated with Donbas battalion in 2014.

2nd Company “Kyivschyna”

One of the first volunteer battalions created in 2014. The unit’s tasks were to protect important facilities in Luhansk and Donbas region.

3rd Company “Harpoon”

Special force unit, formed in November 2014, was tasked with sabotage and reconnaissance behind enemy lines.

4th Company

Formed from members of disbanded Tornado company. The members had to undergo special training and requalification.


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Locally made Multicam uniform is a cheap and popular variant for soldiers in Ukraine. The camouflage is designed for usage in various environments.


Locally made Flecktarn uniform is very popular among volunteers across Ukraine. It’s cheap and widely available. The pattern works well in the various environment.

TTsKO Urban

Soviet uniform wore mainly by Special Forces within Ministry of Internal Affairs such as Berkut and Kobra. After the revolution in 2014, the uniforms ended mostly in storage. Some volunteers still wear them but in small quantity.


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No equipment.


[tab title=”WARPATH”]


6 May 2014 – 14 June 2014

Militants captured governmental buildings in the city and Ukraine announced ATO operation. The battle of Slavyansk was first major military engagement in this conflict.


18 July 2014 – 22 June 2014

On July 8, 2014, the Pro-Russian forces captured the town and set up checkpoints on its outskirts. Ukrainian side responded with force and liberated the town.


6th August 2014 – 3rd September 2014

An initially successful large-scale operation to liberate strategically important train crossroad ceased when Russian regular forces crossed the border into Ukraine and encircled Ukrainian forces there.


[tab title=”CASUALTIES”]
One soldier died during an assault on Slavyansk. The unit lost 10 soldiers during the battle of Illovaysk, one died near Horlivka and one during a skirmish near Lisichansk.

There are no reports of losses of equipment for this unit.