Special Operations Forces

The Special Operations Force, known as SSO, are the special forces of Ukraine and one of the five branches of Armed Forces of Ukraine. The process of creation dates back to 2007 and Russian annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas accelerated the forming process. The SSO was created in 2016 and all groups were trained on the model of NATO reaction forces.


Special Operation Forces Command

99th Management Battalion

142nd Training and Education Center


Combat Units

3rd Special Purpose Regiment

8th Special Purpose Regiment

73rd Special Naval Operations

140th Special Purpose Center

Special Purpose Regiment Azov-Kyiv

Special Purpose Unit Azov-Kharkiv

Special Purpose Unit Honor-Kyiv


Psychological Warfare

16th Information Warfare Center

72nd Information Warfare Center

74th Information Warfare Center

83rd Information Warfare Center



35th Mixed Aviation Squad