Kulchitskyi Battalion


15 March 2014 – today


27th Brigade


Mechanized Infantry


300 men





1st Battalion of Operation Purpose named after Hero of Ukraine General Sergey Kulchytskyi (Батальйон імені Кульчицького) is a volunteer battalion formed from the members of Maidan Self-Defense units. Their training took place in the base of special force unit Bars, which participated against Maidan protesters. The first weeks were described by volunteers as one of the worst days in their lives. Even though resources were very limited and many soldiers lacked bulletproof vests, helmets and heavy weapons such as RPGs, they did a huge amount of work and were praised by soldiers from regular units.

List of news posts which mentions the unit.

1st Company

There is no info about the 1st battalion.

2nd Company

There is no info about the 2nd battalion.

3rd Company

There is no info about the 3rd battalion.

Viper Dark

National Guard received a dark variation of Viper camouflage in 2014 among other variants. The uniform works well in urban combat.


Locally made Multicam uniform is a cheap and popular variant for soldiers in Ukraine. The camouflage is designed for usage in various environments.


Most likely a locally made version of A-TACS. The pattern is not very popular as it doesn’t look nice but it’s very effective in rural parts of Ukraine.

British DPM

Locally made British DPM is popular among Ukrainian volunteers. It’s cheap and widely available, same as Flecktarn. Work well in the natural environment.


Type: APC | Quantity: 1


Type: LAV | Quantity: 1+

Kraz Shrek

Type: LAV | Quantity: 1+


Type: LAV | Quantity: 4


6 May 2014 – 14 June 2014

Militants captured governmental buildings in the city and Ukraine announced ATO operation. The battle of Slavyansk was first major military engagement in this conflict.

Stastnya Luhanska

23 July 2014

Militants setup checkpoints on the outskirts and defacto captured the town. Operation to liberate the town started and four days later, the town was successfully liberated.


April – 5th August 2014

Pro-Russian forces appeared in the city in April 2014. Ukrainian forces liberated Debaltseve during an offensive to separate Luhansk and Donetsk and create two separate cauldrons.


There are no reports about the losses of equipment for this unit.