National Guard

The National Guard of Ukraine (Національна гвардія України) is national gendarmerie force serving under Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The branch was originally created in 1991, later disbanded due to money issues and its soldiers transferred into Internal Troops of Ukraine. In 2014, National Guard was renewed to counter Russian aggression and Internal Troops disbanded due to actions during EuroMaidan Revolution.


Volunteer Units


Operational Brigades

1st Presidential Brigade

1st Special Purpose Brigade

3rd Operational Brigade

4th Rapid Response Brigade

8th Operational Regiment

9th Operational Regiment

12th Operational Brigade

45th Operational Brigade

Special Purpose Detachment Vega

Special Intelligence Unit Ares


Protection of Public Order

11th Hrushevsky Brigade

16th Radievsky Brigade

19th Public Protection Brigade

21st Kalnyshevsky Brigade

23rd Khortytsia Brigade

25th Prince Askold Brigade


Mixed Units

2nd Galician Brigade

5th Slobozhansk Brigade

11th Separate Battalion

12th Separate Battalion

13th Separate Battalion

15th Slavic Regiment

16th Separate Battalion

18th Separate Battalion

22nd Separate Battalion

25th Separate Battalion

26th Separate Battalion

32nd Separate Battalion

40th Nechay Regiment

50th Vysochan Brigade

75th Separate Battalion


Transport Protection

14th Separate Battalion

15th Separate Battalion

19th Separate Battalion

27th Pechersk Brigade

49th Separate Battalion