Armed Forces

Armed Forces of Ukraine (Збройні сили України) is the military of Ukraine. All military forces are under the command of the President of Ukraine. The Armed Forces are composed of Ground Forces, Navy, Air-force and Airmobile Forces. Territorial battalions were created on order of the president of Ukraine in 2014, but received minimal founding and relied on donations. All territorial battalions were integrated into Ground Forces by November 2014.

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[tab title=”INFANTRY” active=”true”]

Regular Infantry units

5th Infantry Assault Regiment

47th Motorized Battalion

49th Motorized Battalion

54th Mechanized Brigade

56th Motorized Brigade

57th Motorized Brigade

58th Motorized Brigade

59th Motorized Brigade

92nd Mechanized Brigade

93rd Mechanized Brigade

128th Mountain Brigade


Reserve Infantry

11th Motorized Brigade

15th Mechanized Brigade

33rd Mechanized Brigade

60th Infantry Brigade

61st Jager Infantry Brigade

62nd Mechanized Brigade

63rd Mechanized Brigade

66th Mechanized Brigade

68th Jager Infantry Brigade

71st Jager Infantry Brigade

110th Mechanized Brigade

115th Mechanized Brigade


[tab title=”ARMOURED”]

Regular Units

12th Tank Battalion


Reserve Units


[tab title=”ARTILLERY”]

Regular Units

15th Artillery Regiment

19th Missile Brigade

26th Artillery Brigade

27th Rocket Brigade

40th Artillery Brigade

43rd Artillery Brigade

44th Artillery Brigade

55th Artillery Brigade

107th Artillery Regiment


Reserve Units

38th Artillery Brigade

45th Artillery Brigade


[tab title=”INTELLIGENCE”]

54th Intelligence Battalion

74th Intelligence Battalion

129th Intelligence Battalion

130th Intelligence Battalion

131th Intelligence Battalion

143rd Intelligence Battalion


[tab title=”AVIATION”]

Army Aviation

11th Army Aviation Brigade

12th Army Aviation Brigade

16th Army Aviation Brigade

18th Army Aviation Brigade


Air Defense Units

38th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

39th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

1039th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

1121th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

1129th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment


[tab title=”REAR”]


Engineering Troops

12th Operation Support Regiment

16th Operation Support Regiment

31st Repair and Restoration Regiment

47th Engineering Brigade

48th Engineering Brigade

50th Repair and Restoration Regiment

70th Operation Support Regiment

91st Operation Support Regiment

145th Repair and Restoration Regiment

146th Repair and Restoration Regiment

532nd Repair and Restoration Regiment

703rd Operation Support Regiment

704th Brigade of RCB Protection

808th Pontoon Bridge Regiment


Communication Troops

5th Communication Regiment

7th Communication Regiment

55th Communication Regiment

121th Communication Regiment

[tab title=”OTHERS”]

101st General Staff Protection Brigade

Separate Presidential Brigade


[tab title=”VOLUNTEER UNITS”]
All volunteer units under the command of Armed Forces of Ukraine were reformed and transferred to already existing brigades by late 2016.

1st Recon Company UNSO

1st Territorial Battalion Volyn

2nd AirAssault Company OUN

2nd Territorial Battalion Horyn

3rd AirAssault Battalion Phoenix

3rd Territorial Battalion Volya

4th Territorial Battalion Zakarpattya

6th Territorial Battalion Zbruch

7th Territorial Battalion Khmelnitsky

8th Territorial Battalion Podillya

9th Territorial Battalion Vinnytsya

10th Territorial Battalion Polissya

11th Territorial Battalion Kyiv

12th Territorial Battalion Kyiv

13th Territorial Battalion Chernihiv-1

14th Territorial Battalion Cherkasy

15th Territorial Battalion Sumy

16th Territorial Battalion Poltava

17th Territorial Battalion Kirovohrad

18th Territorial Battalion Kirovohrad

19th Territorial Battalion Kirovohrad

20th Territorial Battalion Dnipropetrovsk

21st Territorial Battalion Sarmat

22nd Territorial Battalion Kharkiv

23rd Territorial Battalion Khortytsya

24th Territorial Battalion Aydar

25th Territorial Battalion Kyyivska Rus

34th Territorial Battalion Batkivshchyna

37th Territorial Battalion Zaporizhzhya

39th Territorial Battalion Dnipro-2

40th Territorial Battalion Kryvbas

41st Territorial Battalion Chernihiv-2

42nd Territorial Battalion Rukh Oporu

43rd Territorial Battalion Patriot

46th Battalion Donbas-Ukraine

55th UNSO Battalion

131th UNSO Battalion

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