Air Assault Forces

Ukrainian Air Assault Forces are the elite and one of the five branches of Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Airmobile troops were created in 1992 on the basis of Soviet Airborne troops stationed in Ukraine. In 2015, the brigades were reinforced by tank units equipped with T-80BV tanks. In 2017, the troops were rebranded as Air Assault forces.


AirAssault Forces Command

135th Management Battalion

199th Training and Education Center


Combat Units

5th Tactical Battalion

25th Airborne Brigade

45th AirAssault Brigade

46th AirAssault Brigade

79th AirAssault Brigade

80th AirAssault Brigade

81st Airmobile Brigade

95th AirAssault Brigade

132nd Intelligence Battalion

148th Artillery Division


Rear Elements

102nd Material Storage Unit

124th Topographic Unit

232nd Combined Supply Unit

347th Communication Unit