Two Ukrainian boats undergo repairs

The patrol boat Pryluky (P153) and minesweeper Henichesk (M360) of the Ukrainian Navy arrived at Mykalayiv Shipyard for scheduled repairs.

Pryluky is a Matka-class patrol boat (Project 206MR Vikhr) built in 1980 and passed to Ukraine in 1997. The boat will undergo standard repairs such as renewal of the outer hull, repair of engine, and check of all pipes. Pryluky is the only boat of Matka-class in the service of the Ukrainian Navy.

Henichesk is a Yevgenya-class minesweeper (Project 1258 Korund) built in 1985 and in service since. The boat awaits major repairs, including complete replacement of some parts. Henichesk is the only boat of Yevgenya-class in the service of the Ukrainian Navy.



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