Invasion Day 91 – Summary

The summary of the 91st day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 25th of May 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

The hottest points in Donbas remain Lyman and the area between Bakhmut and Popasna. Russian army has superiority in the region and are slowly advancing north-west, threatening to cut-off Ukrainian troops stationed in Sievierodonetsk and its vicinity.

Russian forces also continue to shell the border area in Sumy and Chernihiv Oblast.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

mostly cloudy| ~21 °C

Shelling: Tsyrkuny, Ruski Tyshky, Rubizhne

Russian troops attempted, again, to regain control of Ternova, but were pushed back by the Ukrainian defenders.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

cloudy | ~21 °C

Shelling: Nova Dmytrivka, Dovhenke, Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Svyatohirsk, Lyman

Russian troops attacked Ukrainian positions near Bohorodychne, but they weren’t successful and retreated.

The enemy entered Lyman from the north-west and captured a portion of the town. Heavy battles are ongoing.

Russian forces captured Vasylivka and assaulted Ukrainian troops stationed at Yakolivka, Bilohorivka, Berestove, Nyrkove and Lypove. All the attacks were successfully repelled, for now at least. However, despite the partially successful defense, a road connecting Bakhmut and Lysychansk is now in range and de-facto blocked. The only remaining “safe” road connecting Bakhmut and Lysychansk is leading through Siversk now.

Russian troops have launched an attack towards Sievierodonetsk and captured the southern part of Toshkivka.

The enemy entered Svitlodarsk and met no resistance because Ukrainian troops retreated from the town yesterday.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

mostly cloudy | ~21 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Novomykhalivka, Marinka, Pisky, Avdiivka, Kamyanka

Russian troops assaulted Ukrainian positions at Krasnohorivka, Pisky, Avdiivka and Kamyanka. All attacks were repelled, and the Russian army continues to be unsuccessful in this area.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Orikhiv, Huliaipole

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

partly sunny | ~22 °C

Mykolaiv Oblast

Shelling: Blahodatne

There was no change on the ground in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

Shelling: Trudoliubivka, Novopavlivka, Posad-Pokrovske

There was no change on the ground in Kherson Oblast.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

Visit our Deployment map for updated interactive map of captured areas and Ukrainian units.

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Looks like Severodonetsk and Lysychans’k towns are surrounded. Perhaps some Ukrainian troops can still make it out from the side roads. POWs from Krasnyi Liman amount to about 500 troops. It’s estimated the DPR and LPR militias have about 8K troops in POW camps.


Lysychansk and Severodonetsk are fully in the hands of Ukrainians for now with two main roads to the city in the hands of Ukrainians through which they are supplying the city’s defenders. Don’t spread fake news.


Russian forces now physically control at least three kilometers (likely quite a bit more) of the main road running through Soledar into the Ukrainian army bastion at Lisichansk.

Krasnyi Liman is now fully under Russian control.

Henry Whitworth

Saw a report that puts the Russian buildup around Sievierodonetsk at around 10,000 troops. They’ve pulled stuff from most of the other fronts to try to just completely overwhelm the place and win bragging rights for Luhansk. The Ukrainians seem to be choosing to stand and fight.

“We just understand that Putin has set a goal for his army to capture Luhansk Oblast, no matter what it costs, no matter how many soldiers die there, or (how much) equipment is destroyed.”

That’s Sirhiy Haidai, Governor of Luhansk.

He adds, “They are no more bulletproof than anyone else.”

People have wondered for weeks why Ukraine doesn’t pull out of Sievierdonetsk. I’m convinced it’s because, while Russia’s current goal is taking ground, Ukraine’s current goal is just to destroy Russian BTGs. Even fighting a losing battle is worth it in a place where Russia is going to force their units forward because it will be a costly, Pyrrhic victory for Russia if they take it.

Putin should recognize an army that falls back grudgingly while killing your army as you take ground. He claims to be bringing back the glory of Russia, after all. Funny that he’s fighting like the enemies Russia has defeated in the past.


Getting surrounded and surrendering is a brilliant tactic. Severodonetsk and Lisichansk are the second Mariupol. Several thousand Ukrainian prisoners are guaranteed

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Its could also turn like chernitiv, mikolaiev, kiev or Kharkov.

One thing is sure, it will not turn like kherson or melitopol.


Russia has officially declared the goal of only liberating Donbass – these are the former Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Kherson, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions were needed rather to exit the Crimea and enter from the northern flank. Nikolaev, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kiev were simply probed at the beginning of the operation, there was no serious assault on these cities. There was a group of 30 thousand in the same Kiev direction, no one in their right mind would storm a city with a population of 3 million with such a small group


Putin oficially (at the start of the war,and earlier in his (in)famous ‘thesis paper’) declared his intentions: complete dectruction of Ukrainian identity and annihilation an Ukraine as a state. Have no illusion – he won’t be ‘satiated’ by some small offerings.


In his thesis, Putin did not write about the destruction of the Ukrainian state and identity. You either didn’t read his thesis or read a bad retelling.


sure: he “just” denied existence of Ukrainian identity and the right to existence for the Ukraine as a country. You do not need ‘quantum entanglement’ involved to understand what it is mean as a programme.

Matěj Cepl

That’s funny how all pro-Russian trolls are declaring that leaving 60km long queue of tanks on the way to Kyiv certainly doesn’t mean that Moskaly wanted to attack Kyiv.


well, in the end, there was no storming of Kiev


Because russian lose this battle.


because there was no such task. If it was, they would have sent 30 thousand to a city with a population of 3 million


yes, we all know that besides being a ‘feint’ it was a “special hardware exchange operation”


This might be true if the Russians intended to just storm the city, which would be very costly. The fact that they’re trying so hard to cut if off while refraining from trying to storm it right away suggests they’ll rather besiege it, and let their artillery do most of the work until the Ukrainian garrison surrenders.

Russia needed a relatively quick victory in Mariupol for political reasons (notably the large presence of Azov there). I don’t think this applies to Severodonetsk, so I’d expect them to take their time and try to minimize their losses. Plus, most of the civilian population has left the city, so there’s little reason to show restraint with artillery fire.

Henry Whitworth

Restraint with artillery fire? You guys really ride those talking points hard, don’t you? It’s so obvious. The Kremlin dribbles out this line about limiting operations for care of civilians after months of indiscriminately killing civilians and immediately you all start parroting it everywhere. You’re disgusting.


That’s not what I said.

Henry Whitworth

My point being:

“most of the civilian population has left the city, so there’s little reason to show restraint with artillery fire.”

Saying that implies that the Russian army would or has restrained their artillery to spare civilian populations. That’s one of the lies of Russian propaganda. It’s plain that they’ve just thrown it forward when they want to go forward and they don’t care if civilians are in front of them. They’ve been doing that for months. And some of them have deliberately targeted civilians. Some of of them have raped and murdered civilians. So it’s a pretty offensive lie to pretend that’s not what is happening here.


The battle for the road north of Popasnaya is so fierce that yesterday the Ukrainian army even dared to march on it. Today it is feared to be cut off.  The role of artillery in this war is far greater than any other in the 21st century.  Aircraft and cruise missiles seem less useful.


Yes. But in this war, you have not the airpower of the otan. And russian aviation is not at his Best capability ( probably for à lot of reason )


Still, Ukraine has stronger air defenses than Iraq or Afghanistan, so aviation is used with caution.


Because russian aviation (and Cruise missile) fail to destroy air defense.

Henry Whitworth

It’s actually funny for the Putin trolls to compare this to Iraq and Afghanistan to explain why Russia has failed in terms of air superiority. They describe it as though their air forces are anything on par with American air power when this war has CLEARLY demonstrated the vulnerability of Russia in going against a modern army. NATO would erase Putin’s army in weeks or even days because the US and its allies would absolutely dominate from the air in a way Russia is clearly incapable, even against a nation with a very small air force. It wouldn’t be much different at all from the way the US forces just cut apart Saddam’s army. (A disgrace of a war for the US for reasons other than militarily)

Russia has clearly failed in building an army that could possibly fight against the West. It’s all about the nuclear threat to keep the West at bay while they rape and murder weaker neighbors.

scott bricker

Ukraine Military Generals failed at the beginning of this war.

#1. Saw the russia movements around Ukraine for almost a year.. including intel and sat views from U.S…. did nothing noticable by planning what they should do in the first 24 hours of any attack.
#2. Kherson bridges should of been blown up in first 12 hours.. A battalion should of been already there with that last week of Feb 17-24th when Intelligence said Invasion was imminent.
#3. Melitopol should of had 1 rifle and 1 tank batallion there to stop any advance to the north and to Mariupol with 3 other battalions north near Vasylinka for support.
#4 Blown the bridges within the 1st 24 hours near Borovo to stop movement towards Izyum.
#5.Should do more raids behind enemy lines to cut supply lines.. 4-5 man groups to blow up more train tracks on Donbas and southern Ukraine… gurilla forcces of UK have damaged 1 track (which was good) but this also needs to be done.. even filtrait into Russia get do terror attacks on military supplies lines, depots, oil, gas…. etc. etc.

Yes, Keyboard general I am sitting here.. but much of this is common sense..let alone UK has generals.. we should be seeing more special forces attacks happening not only in UK but in Russia itself!


I dont know about Keybord General, you just have an opinion. I am more interested on what Ukraine should do now, as what they should ahve done is easy to say with hindsight.


The world should ACT NOW and pound Russia the hell out of Ukraine and Crimea ASAP and completely demoralize them or this disease will only grow worse. There is no time to spare. Every day they dither the worse the problem gets. The Kremlin should be levelled for good measure and 150 special forces teams from as many countries as possible sent in to capture Putin now! One military analyst Lee Wheelbarger believes 30 cruise missiles could have taken Putin out early on. He helped train Ukrainians in artillery and invented night and thermal imaging systems that helped make our the best.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nearinfinite

People are scared this would cause a nuclear war, i’m ready to bet my life that nuclear war will never happen if NATO intervenes in Russia, if Russia loses it loses some land at best, its political regime at worst, why commit suicide when you can just accept liberal values?


According to Wheelbarger Putin would never use his nukes. To fire them it takes agreement and cooperation from too many men and he’s just not that popular. There is NO threat to nuclear war. However, even if there were, the longer they dither. the longer Putin is allowed to roam free the more likely it could happen. He “is going to do what he is going to do” is what you keep hearing for a reason. Everyone needs to stop caring about his feelings and get him. If we do too much he could use nukes, if we do nothing he could use nukes. He could use nukes whatever happens therefor the most reasonable thing to do is remove that threat ASAP.

Nebojsa Uros

Not that easy mate. Remember Russia attacked on all sides even from Belarus towards Kiev. It would have been impossible to prepare all battle groups to defend all those regions in time. Much too large of an invasion line. Sure now in retrospect we could argue the initial attack on Kiev was a feint move to distract Ukrainian forces, but back then everyone thought Russia would encircle Kiev and take all the main roads going into the city. Bolstering defence of key strategic cities was the key which is what Ukraine is doing now.


It is “should HAVE”* damnit. Though I agree with you on point 1. because a good portion the entire world is irresponsible when preparing for future dangers which hamstring the rest of the world (examples: Great recession, global warming, Trump being a danger via his relationship with Putin and COVID19 pandemic) your inability to use proper grammar disqualifies you as being someone with proper thought/educational levels. Sorry but it does.
People DID see this coming, were in SERIOUS denial even AFTER the invasion (I had to evacuate a family out of Zaporizhzhya. They honestly said to me “I guess it is real”.) yet failed to act. 1000s of lives could have been saved if those that were pretending Russia wasn’t a danger had evacuated.


Any information on what’s being fielded by the Russians in the popasna breakout\pocket?
Can it be stopped/sliced and encircled?


Different voices are starting to appear in Western media, and there will be more.
The crowd in the West will no longer be so fanatical, and people will begin to reflect. Those who dared not speak up before will appear in the crowd. Some people will begin to oppose the support of this war. They are also opposed to the West’s own politicians while opposing Russia. They will find those responsible for the war in the West and start blaming them.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

This is what we call freedom of speech, a prominent characteristic of democracy and the price we pay for it. And it can get messy. Lord Halifax and the Nazi sympathisers wanted Churchill to cut a deal with Hitler in 1940. But he didn’t. Democracies always have these counterpoints.It doesn’t matter too much what the naysayers detract from western opinion regarding support for Ukraine provided the arms continue to flow. Pragmatic leaders in the west know the best way to bleed Putin is to fight him in Ukraine.

scott bricker

Typical Russian Propaganda you say. You must be Russian and Pro War cause I have many russian friends who oppose this war and know they have Warmonger trolls on the internet (like yourself) and government officials posting on forums (maybe yourself) to spread Hate, Lies and false propaganda. Russia is a WW2 Military… bad generals, Commanders, untrained troops. But they have Nukes and will only use them IF their homeland gets NATO troops on its soil.. then sure I don’t blame them.. no one wants WW3.. even Russians… but Russia is barely getting by vs Ukraine.. if they faced NATO directly.. they would get pushed back. Russia may eventually win eastern Ukraine.. but will lose how many troops by then in doing so? 50K or more, 80K injured? 2000 tanks by end of summer? 250 aircraft? 200 Helipcopters.. 5,000 military vehicals.. how many generals.. so far 8.. maybe 12 by end of August.. let alone more black fleet by end of summer. Again Russia may win territory.. but at a horrible price


Please read the medias in your country.
I am just stating facts and trends.
I have nothing against you continue to ignore all and beat Russia by your keyboard.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT
scott bricker

Your facts are propaganda that has brainwashed you by your russian state media. Do you know why it has taken 3 months to win and still you haven’t? It’s not cause of NATO help.. it’s cause your generals are BAD. What wars have they fought to be Generals? Georgia? Afphganistan? You don’t use a 10Km line of troops and equipment and not have logicial support or air support.. they get smashed by shells,motors,special forces, drones and other things. This ain’t WW2 in 1944.. you have to have logistics, intelligence, planning and good commanders giving motivation to the troops to fight. Russia-Kremlin has not done this.. they say in Russia they are fighting NAZIS…. Nazis have been gone for 77 years.. they might have dumbasses in UK that wish they were.. but so does every country.. even Russia has Nazi 20 year olds who wish they were part of it and in America also. Russia war vs Ukraine is about territory… Putin will sacrafice 100K troops if he has to get Kherson-Dnipro to Kharkiv. and east to the Donbas.


Whether or not there are Nazis in Ukraine, I don’t want to join the debate. If you ask me I say I don’t know.
But, I think, the West is in danger of a revival of Nazism. Nazism was born out of racism, liberalism gave it room to grow. A few days ago, there was a serious shooting incident in the United States, 19 children and 2 teachers died.

come back to talk about the Russo-Ukrainian war, I totally agree with you what you said: “the war is about territory.” And I also think it’s not about values for either side.

I think whatever his tactics and his losses, the war that Putin waged expands the safe space for Russia. In the end, the West had to accept it. This is not Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. Can you imagine the consequences of catching Putin and sending him to The Hague for legal trials?That would be the starting point of the War3.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

Easy to conquer, Even more difficult to hold onto the territory. Ukraine’s counter offensive hasn’t begun yet. Just wait.

Fjose Smørhatt

One strategy for the Ukranians could be to hold for as long as possible, then just do a tactical retreat like in Popasna — and Ukrainians start bombing en masse what the Russians must now simply hold. You turn the Russian schorched earth tactic against themselves, at least partially, because what the Russians take is already so bombed out by them Ukrainians lose little of value if they themselves start bombing their own cities (assuming of course most civillians have fled).

So even though Russia is moving ahead like an iceberg with their artillery based strategy, sooner or later that iceberg will melt if Ukrainians start copying the only strategy where the Russians currently have an edge.


This counteroffensive faces another huge risk.
It might force Russia pushing his defenses up to the Dnieper river.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

This ridiculous narrative you keep spouting about liberalism being the reason or giving rise to Nazism is not rooted in history whatsoever. Nazism rose after a huge downturn in economy post first world war. It was a worker’s party similar to communism. Turned authoritarian much like communism did. There is a vocal minority in the US that supports these things as there is in every country. If you think it has a chance of becoming anything more than some fringe politics you are incredibly out of touch with NA politics.

There is no second side in this war and Russia has next to no supporters. It won’t be world war three because there is only one country in the axis. It would be NATO crushing Russia and China taking whatever it can get out of the fall of Russia. No one has interest in helping Russia with the war they started, they are alone and isolated.

The west doesn’t have to accept shit all. Putin’s only bargaining chip is nuclear war which will kill us all but even his nuclear arsenal is looking more and more fabricated from propaganda.

Where are all the intense state of the art weapons Russia claimed to have? Why are they using T-64’s now if they have oodles of T-90’s waiting in the wings? Russia has been fronting about their military capabilities for years but now it has come time to show strength they have bungled it completely. Even Kazakhstan is distancing themselves and other ex-soviet states are following suit.

Russia is alone and deluded, much like yourself.


Liberalism did not give Nazism room to grow. The first to be imprisoned by the Nazis were the Unionists and the socialists. It was liberalism that had to stop the NAZIs.

“A few days ago, there was a serious shooting incident in the United States,”
Yes this is caused by conservatism that is too weak to take a strong stance against easy access to firearms. Conservatism, like that invading Ukraine is a global problem.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nearinfinite

Hey Einstein, I’ll let you in on something … there’s neo-nazis in EVERY country. Just because your government shows the same ones repeatedly on TV that happen to live in Ukraine doesn’t mean the whole country is nazi.


Russia has more neonazis than Ukraine. Gopniks and hard bassers to oligarch gangers, they are also included in the nazi ranks. Russia engages and always has engaged in ethnic cleansing, they are attacking memorials to the holocaust and they even try to dehumanize Ukrainians in their media in an extremely Nazi-ish way. The Russians are the modern day nazis and their Z symbol exemplifies it. They are thuggish barbarians.

Volodymyr Akimov

Relax, scott bricker. Entity XPOINT does not have an opinion. It has a job. Expendings of Ru budget for “mass media” grown up from 5.4bln rub in feb-mar 2021 to 17.4bln rub in feb-mar 2022. The task is to make an illusion of an “alternative opinion”. You will see enormous number of them in coming days, will learn to recognize them on sight and will get used to them like we did in 2014.


AND I have to say that I am not brainwashed by any side.

By simply looking at a world map, I can easily draw my analysis and judgment.

I think you can also open the world map and draw some guns or missiles on it, it will help your analysis.

Any war is about balance, and balance is the key to understand everything.

Any war begins with an imbalance and ends with a new balance.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

Buahahahaha… what a bunch of nonsense. I think you should start looking for a proper job mate as Russia is going to bankrupt pretty soon.


“I can easily draw my analysis and judgment”

Nope … buzz … wrong. You probably haven’t had your own analysis or judgement in your entire life. You wouldn’t even know what coming to independent conclusions in the absence of propaganda would even look like, as you have 0 experience with it. Just trust the rest of us when we tell you you’re completely deluded. Take our word for it. You’re too deep inside to see it yourself.


Just to add to your point. There are more neo-nazi wannabes or at the very least White Russian Nationalists in Russia than in Ukraine. That’s what the N in Nazi stands for, Nationalist. It’s even happening in India. In India the people that bleach their skin and believe in the caste system, support Russia and commit atrocities on Kashmir meanwhile China prepares to attack them are Indian Nationalists. It’s ridiculous.


You’re stating the opposite of facts and trends and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Even China is appalled by the Russian behavior. Hatred in the east and Russian republics has seethed for decades and the west has been fed up with Russia for a long time and Russia has only grown worse an barbaric. The whataboutism of “The USA is bad too!” doesn’t fly anymore. The world is DONE with this crap.


You don’t know facts or trends. You just repeat your government’s propaganda about what the “facts and trends” are.


Russia may win territory for now, but to hold onto those gains for the long term will be extremely difficult considering new weapons flowing into Ukraine while Russia is losing both morale and weapons with little opportunity to replenish thanks to sanctions.


I think they are capable of doing it, refer to the Berlin Wall and 38th parallel and Maginot Line. Use cannons to keep a 60km military exclusion zone, or use missiles to keep futher.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

I’d like to think that is so but inevitably the west is going to have to get involved to destroy Russia unless Russia decides to withdrawal from all Ukrainian territories now including Crimea. What’s more is Russia will have to be neutralized to prevent future aggression. Putin has really screwed his country now.


I think your logic is clearer, not like a fanatic. But I can’t agree with some of you said.
I think you have seen that America is powerless to Russia and has become the laughing stock of the world.


If Ukraine had the proper help of ONE NATO country we would see Russia annihilated. The USA isn’t the laughing stock of anyone. The USA still leads the world in everything, and everyone begs for their help and waits for them to act.


And I have to say this is very unfortunate. If it weren’t for German appeasement this war wouldn’t be happening.
But, to quote Russia expert Anne Applebaum: “Maybe it is time for Germans (and others) to work out that if you are ‘anti-war’, you should help Ukraine deter Russia. Refusal to do so is, in practice, ‘pro-war’. It increases the chance of invasion.”

Volodymyr Akimov

The war is close to culmination. It means that aggressor almost depleted its attacking potential and is at maximum gains with a perspective to start losing. Now the aggressor plans to fix its gains by pressing UA to consede some territories in exchange for peace, then regroup, renew its potential and attack again in a few years. That is what happened in 2015. To press out concessions RU put in action all its lobby among the corrupt politicians in the West. Also all the botnets are activated in full power. It involves huge money.

It is a good time to make a list of all corrupt actors with no values. Anyone who starts speaking about peace by all means RIGHT NOW or sabotage military help to UA is the one to put in the list. Attempts to concede the aggressor at this point would repeat Munich Agreement of 1938, lead to the crystallization of the Fourth Reich and put the world on the brink of WW3.
Not even speaking about supporting ongoing genocide.


Those anti-war politicians are corrupt politicians…
Those anti-war people are corrupt actors with no values, the activated botnets …
Those who talk about the facts are trolls…
Typical fanatical opinion you say.
The truth is that this war has nothing to do with any values. It’s just a battle of geopolitical interests. For the West and Russia, the war cannot be judged by justice or injustice, and it should be commented on which of them gains the most and who has the least.

The exaggeration of World War3 is too much, and both the West and Russia clearly know what they want.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT
Ace Bird

You are not true. The state who breakes another states borders by force is an aggressor. Aggressor fights with no value just for land and dictator’s glory. The state who is defending its soil and his allies fith with a value of freedom of citizens, state’s sovereignity, the right to self-determination and mainly the value of peaceful resolution of international relations (prohibition of offensive war according to the united nations charter). This is typical ruSSian trolling: we have no reason to attack so there both sides have no reason in this war. You have forgotten who is aggressor and who is defender, where the war takes place. It is no war for territory. This is a ruSSian attempt to loot the Ukrainian territory. If a robber wants to steal your wallet and you defend it, it is not just fight for money with no value on both sides.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ace Bird

The US has organized various alliances, hoping to gain more benefits outside the UN. They destroy peace and create wars all over the world. And in this network of interests, Russia is completely excluded. They treat Russia like they treat North Korea. Therefore, it is reasonable for Russia to fight back in any way.

I just understand why he did it, the focus of my comment is not whether Russia violated any principles or values.

I think you’re probably a middle rationalist, and you can probably understand what I’m saying.


No, I can’t see the logic honestly. You are using Russia’s terrible foreign affairs as an excuse for the invasion of a sovereign nation. How is it the west’s fault that Russia has strong armed and alienated their allies? That, compounded with their constant threats to anyone they deem an enemy is what put them in this situation. Russia isolated itself and because of it’s mentality in dealing with other countries, that has pushed any allies or neutrals away into the arms of NATO. They would be in a completely different situation if they treated their allies like allies.

Russia excluded Russia, no one else. The fact that the west benefited from it is zero cause to blame the west. You want to be angry with someone about Russia’s pariah status, you better start looking Putin’s direction.


I don’t think you know anything about history, Or maybe you’re from Poland or Lithuania.


I don’t think you know anything about anything. Point 1. The west does not want to expand NATO. This gives them more responsibility. This is why it is so hard to join NATO. The neutral countries MUST join NATO, because Russia’s aggressive behavior to other neutral countries cannot be taken lightly. They have become a danger to all their neighbors now and as a result a danger to themselves.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nearinfinite

“The west does not want to expand NATO.”
what is “the west”?
I think this may be the proposition or opinion of Europe before the war, but not America.
If what you said is that the US doesn’t want to expand NATO, then we’re not on the same channel.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT


Perhaps not America, or even Canada? Yeah European NATO needs to stop waiting for their leadership. If you remember the last American president disrespected NATO.


HAHAHAHA. I think you just have been indoctrinated pal. Your twisted history lessons and warped politics views show this clearly. Judging by your comments you are a Russian, fresh out of school that is so deeply steeped in Russia propaganda you can’t see the forest for the trees. Do yourself a favor fellow human, throw out the textbooks given to you and start reading external sources as much as possible. Hell, Wikipedia articles would be a huge improvement on your current grasp of history.


Nothing wrong with your statement besides this:
The fact that the west benefited from it is zero cause to blame the west.”
The west has not benefited. There is no benefit to the west to having more members of NATO, more responsibility, besides to those formerly neutral states. NATO does not want to expand which is an utter myth the Kremlin keeps pushing – that’s where the fallacy in your statement lies because you walk into it. This is why it is SO HARD to join NATO. Neutral countries want to JOIN NATO because of the irrational, threatening and dangerous nature of their close neighbour Russia. There are no winners in this situation. Everyone is losers. To stop further loss Russia should be stopped ASAP. The absolute best thing for Russia to do now is to STOP ASAP, withdraw from the occupied territories including Crimea or risk severe repercussions. That would be the wisest thing for them to do.


“The west has not benefited.”
also the same question, is US in this “west”.

Clearly, US has a lot benefit from NATO. He is building his various alliance systems around the world so that he can continue to maintain his hegemony.

Beware when he says he’s preventing a war somewhere, that’s exactly what he’s planning for a new war.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

No. Why do you keep obsessing on USA? You must be Russian or listening to Russian propaganda. In case you didn’t notice the US DRAGGED THEIR FEET FOR A MONTH. Only UK and Turkey came to the immediate help of Ukraine and then it was JUST enough but not enough to win, just enough to drag this on and cause more loss to life on both sides but especially the Russians. At least 80,000 Russian troops will die, but Putin will say only 15,000 have died and tell the 80,000 families “Oh sorry your son has gone missing or was one of the only 15,000 but you can’t bury him and you can’t tell how he died because we burned his body in one of our mobile crematoriums to hide our crimes. But he was very brave and we’ll give you $160 for your mourning” You’re a stupid damn fool if you’re Russian. A stupid damn fool. Putin is no more your friend than Trump and the Republicans were friends to Americans.


No the US has nothing to do with this situation in Ukraine. It is true that the US has destroyed peace and created wars all over the world but that has ZERO to do with Russia and Ukraine, Chechya and Syria have no fault in that. That doesn’t give Russia the right to destroy peace and create wars all over the world. Whataboutism doesn’t fly anymore. That’s what the Russians do which makes everyone here think you are Russian. Burma is killing Rohinga, Rohinga are Muslim so does that give China justification to kill Uyghurs because they are Muslim? That’s your logic here.


“the US has nothing to do with this situation in Ukraine.”
The inside story may be  publicly disclosed in 50 years.
If not blocked, I’ll give you some of my analysis later.

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Nonsense. The USA didn’t do enough. The last president was even supporting Putin. He was a menace. The truth is we’ll never know of the serious crimes the Russians commit against their own people because they HIDE THEM FOR EVER. However, they are idiots and don’t know the imaging systems the modern world has. We can SEE them murdering civilians. We can SEE them using banned cluster munitions and white phosphorus, We can SEE them boobie trapping children’s playgrounds and babushka’s kitchens. We can see them raping children and even babies BECAUSE even THEY themselves have posted the videos of their doing it online

That’s the only thing the USA is doing here, giving the Ukrainians and the entire WORLD the eyes and maybe even ears to see what they are themselves are doing. They can’t even escape the scrutiny of their own eyes as we saw with Julianne Assange, Wikileaks, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. We can SEE you Russians They can even track down where you are XPOINT and expose your location if they felt like it. They watch you from above the world and can see the hairs on your nose.


You need to use different script mate. It’s too obvious Russian propaganda. It’s laughable actually.


We cannot take the chance on that. The world must rush in now, no pun intended.


Quite the contrary, more and more are going to support a full scale invasion of Russia, capture of Putin and dismantling of the rest of the republics Russia must pay as severely as their Nazi counterparts did.

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There are media in other parts of the world execpt north korea, china and russia !
The mentioned gangster countries don’t have any type of media or press only propaganda junk, so shut UP ! Please go home to russia and stay there !

Henry Whitworth

People don’t seem to understand that Ukraine is choosing to fight in Sievierodonestsk. They could have pulled out any time and they still can. They can see the potential encirclement better than we can even with Jerome’s wonderful maps. They’re doing what they need to do in the Donbas. They’re bleeding the Russian army for every kilometer and they know that the Russians stink at logistics and maneuver. They’ll almost certainly give up the town eventually but Russia is going to pay for it and they’ll still be thousands of square miles away from taking all of Donbas.

The Ukrainian goal this spring is attrition. The bulk of the Western weapons coming in are still well behind the lines being incorporated into new battalions. The Ukrainians have already stated quite clearly that they plan their offensive late this summer and they’re degrading the Russian army in the meantime. As long as the West doesn’t bail on them in the meantime, they’re going to hit back hard. It is extremely important that Biden has already signed Lend Lease and the US Congress has already approved that funding.


They are being forced to fight to save lives as a result of the Russian invasion. This is obvious.


The Ukranian army should retreat its units from Severdonetsk and Lysychansk if it wants to avoid encirclement, however even then I highly doubt that they will be able to retreat an army of 25-30k troops in such a short span of time over such small insignificant roads, as there is no major highways left. Russian forces have by the time of writing this, taken 90 percent of Lyman, and hence that will allow them to fully encircle the remaining units and cut off an army of more than 35k from the mainland, as there is only one major highway left connecting Donetsk troops to rest of Ukraine. Yes, it will be hard, however it is obvious that Russia is having success in this area, this isn’t propaganda but facts. The major artillery superiority by Russia allows it to meet little resistance in some areas, it also prevents many troops from escaping encircled areas such as what we are witnessing in Lysychansk and Severdonetsk. They don’t even need to cross the Severodonetsk River, advancing just towards the last highway is enough to cause a full encirclement. Once again, this is all an opinion of mine, and it is based of facts that I see here. It is not propaganda, it is a serious issue which could turn critical soon for Ukraine regardless of whether you support them or not.


From my understanding, 25~30k troops is what UA has total in the salient. There isn’t 25~30k troops in and around Severodonetsk.

The gap is still 15 miles wide. 10 miles in a straight line to Sivers’k. Russia started fighting its way out of Popasna almost two weeks ago. Judging by the speed the RU moves, UA still has some time to “hang” before falling back or putting a stop to the RU advance in that sector. If RU moved at a faster pace, things would likely be a lot different I am sure. But as it is UA still can by some time. RU is advancing on dirt roads right now so hopefully that works for UA defense.

From Severodonetsk to Sivers’k it is a ~30km over road.

Everything in this salient has been like super slow mode. On day 37 Russia captured Izium. Here we are day 91 and RU hasn’t been able to push out from there even when they had a couple dozen BTGs in that sector.


This is the first time I decided to write a comment here, although I’ve been reading the site for a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll write something from time to time, we’ll see. I’m from Lysychansk (across the river from Severodonetsk), was born, and have lived there all my life. In March my girlfriend and I moved to central Ukraine because of the shelling. 

But back to the point. A lot of my friends are now defending the territorial unity of Ukraine. Some fought in 2014 and went to defend our country again. Some are in the police force. Naturally, we communicate, help buy them equipment and supplies we can get (drones/thermal imaging cameras, etc.). According to them, there are about 5,000 of our military in Severodonetsk and the surrounding area. Ukraine is pulling reinforcements and equipment to the area, but not in very large numbers. We need to defend other directions, keep troops near the borders of Belarus, and cover Odessa from a possible strike from Transnistria.

RF troops have plenty of artillery and Soviet MLRS. The road from Lysychansk to Bakhmut is actually a field with small gradients and it is very difficult to defend this area. Our troops are sorely lacking long-range MLRS, which Western countries are in no hurry to hand over. And our stock of Soviet weapons tends to run out. 

The longer our Western partners procrastinate with arms deliveries and listen to the nonsense about Russia’s “goodwill gesture” of unblocking grain deliveries across the Black Sea, the worse it is for Ukraine and all democratic values. This procrastination plays into the hands of the Putin regime. Even if the conflict is somehow frozen now, in a few years, when Putin accumulates weapons and recruits new soldiers for his army, the war will start again. 

Putin is not going to stop at Ukraine. Listen to the speeches of Kadyrov (Putin’s protégé in Chechnya, who receives 300 million rubles a year for his loyalty). He’s already talking about taking over Poland. The world could not avoid World War II with the policy of appeasing Hitler. This policy will not work with Putin either. Ukrainians are ready to defend the world, just give us more weapons.

My house, my parents are left in Lysychansk. They have no light, no gas, no centralized water supply, no cell phone, and no Internet. And it’s Putin’s fault, not Ukraine’s! We want to live in a free country, in European society, and he wants to enslave us.

Henry Whitworth

I believe your nation is going to win this war in the long run but I’m very sorry for the costs to you and all the people you care about.


This comment I agree with 100%. The west and THE EAST but ESPECIALLY EUROPE NEEDS TO STOP PROCRASTINATING ON THIS. If the Chinese know what’s up it will be in their best interests to attack Eastern Russia and claim those taiga forests that they want so badly for themselves. Russia is no friend to anyone. Or (and this is a big OR) they could just be stupid fools and the Chinese are putting them up to this to weaken everyone. It’s a very real possibility. The Chines have always wanted to take over the world. Even futurist movies imply of this hypothetical (ie. Bladerunner). Europe has been under attack from all angles for decades and Russians best remember they are Europeans too and wake the hell up.