Invasion Day 82 – Summary

The summary of the 82nd day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 16th of May 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Ukrainian troops reached the state border in the vicinity of Ternova. Russian forces are slowly gaining ground in the area of Siverskyi Donets and pushing Ukrainian troops across the river.

The enemy attempted to cross the state border in Sumy Oblast. Ukrainian Border Guards successfully repelled the attack. Russian army fired missiles towards Mykolaiv, Odesa and the area of Zatoka.

Late in the evening, we learned that at least 10 buses of Ukrainian wounded soldiers have left Azovstal towards Russian-controlled Novoazovsk. Ukrainian officials confirmed that there is an ongoing evacuation of wounded soldiers.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

partly sunny | ~18 °C

Shelling: Ruski Tyshky, Petrivka, Ternova

Ukrainian forces, namely the soldiers of 127th Territorial Defense Brigade, reached the state border in the vicinity of Ternova. Russian troops attempted to retake Ternova on Monday, but the attack wasn’t successful.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

partly sunny | ~19 °C

Shelling: Dovhenke, Bohorodychne, Sievierodonetsk, Lyman, Oleksandropillia, Zolote

Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled enemy attacks on Bohorodychne and Dovhenke, south of Izium.

Russian troops assaulted Toshkivka, but weren’t successful and retreated back to the original positions. In the vicinity of Popasna, Russian forces advanced west and reached the edge of Pylypchatyne. The attack on the village itself was repelled.

There are unconfirmed reports that Russian forces captured Novoselivka and Drobysheve near Lyman.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~20 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Vremivka, Novomykhailivka, Marinka, Avdiivka

Russian troops attacked Ukrainian positions at Novomykhailivka, Marinka, Pisky and Avdiivka. All attacks were repulsed.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: Huliaipole

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.


includes the Azovstal Plant in Mariupol

mostly sunny | ~22 °C

“In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is implementing the approved decision of the Supreme Military Command and hopes for the support of Ukrainian people”, said Denis Prokopenko (commander of Azov Regiment) in the evening.

Official info: 53 seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated to Novoazovsk, 211 Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated through the green corridor to Russia-controlled territory. Prisoner exchange procedure ongoing. The rest remains besieged in the plant.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

partly sunny | ~22 °C

Mykolaiv Oblast

There was no change on the ground in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

Shelling: Oleksandrivka

There was no change on the ground in Kherson Oblast.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

Visit our Deployment map for updated interactive map of captured areas and Ukrainian units.

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Wondering why the updates have stopped on this website. Haven’t seen an update since May 16?


The blogger, Just one, is sick.


The author is ill and needs to stay in bed a couple of days.

Hello guys, I apologize for not being much active recently. Unfortunately I’m sick and will have to spend a few days in the bed. I’ll tweet from time to time, but no summaries for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.


According to past examples, the shift of American public opinion generally only increases when the war loses hope of winning. But now, there are still many people who maintain the illusion of winning.
When the $40 billion is exhausted, Americans and Westerners will calm down.
Following the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, there will be another failure in Ukraine.
Musk said: “Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was elected to change the country, but in reality everyone wanted less drama. ” Biden would be stuffy and ask in reply: “I spent my entire adult life wanting to be president, this is my presidency?”


Most Americans do not care about wars,if it do affect them personally,as long as Russian bombs,are not dropping on the US,they will tolerate them dropping on Ukraine, foreign wars are usually the policy of the US President in charge Google Musk Exposed


I do not see a clear victory on either side,but misery on both sides


The outcome of a war is always so complex that in the end each side may claim victory.But the catastrophe it caused was real.
The energy and food crises caused by this war, and the resurrection of the geopolitics specter, will continue to affect everyone on the planet.


The US throw away enough food to feed many nations in one day,their have never been mass starvation in the US in modern time,I go too the local market,they prepare food that will never be sold,that is a high end price,your first visit to the US , should be at a local grocery store,some are large as football stadium,with endless supplies of Food Google HEB


People have to face the truth about anything, whether you like it or not Ukrainain had a lots of problems,before the war,that they were not dealing with,this war made thing even worse, blaming the world for the action of Putin,is not helpful in the long run,only the people of Ukraine can solve their problem with Russia, dependent on others,they will never grow as a nation


yes, agree.


We have lots racial problem in our country still,but single out a group for hatred for the action of a few is still frown upon,the US is made up almost every nation in the world,they are allowed to practice their culture within the bound of US law


I think you are an idealist. But that may have changed. Objections are no longer easy to express.
For example, Trump has been silenced by many social medias.
Perhaps soon, the removal of comments and muting will become a law. Media managers will explain that people who violate the law will be silenced, and comments that violate the law will be deleted.

Last edited 1 month ago by XPOINT

I am realistic,most national fervor,is driving by idealism,this not the time and place for Ukrainian to idealistic about ideas,that their universal support for them,in the world ,most of their leaders are very conscious about what the world think about them,they were very upset by the editorial board of American newspaper,we have a free press,that is independent from the government or government censorship Google New York Times Ukraine


we want more
this is soo detailed


Combat Fatigue has set in at this site, people are not so gun ho,this typical of most wars, whether you are a participant or observer,even though this war do not have any personal outcomes of lots of people lives,this war will impact ,lives in a substantial way,if if do feel free to share it here


maybe they are waitting for Severodonetsk down.


Google SBU Ukraine Army Embezzlement


Let’s wait and see what happens when they counterattack Kherson and Crimea


They are gonna allocate be that 40 billion dollars bill ,it will not do anything but prop up the Ukrainlan government,it will have little bearing on the battlefield,I never been in the military and not a strong believer in war,but I am a strong believer in the laws of probability,the US can save billion by giving Ukraine,the weapon to take out that military base in Belgorod,that borders Ukraine,I saw satellite photos with GPS coordinates ,it their command and control,that running the operation in the Donbass,if that base is not taking out Ukraine is doomed,it gps location is near 50.226408,38.108


They pass the 40billion dollar bill with no safe guard for Ukraine corruption


I not trying to take advantage of psychological traumatic Ukrainain,I know this war has inflicted untold pain on your country,and maybe you,but what do not break you in this world,will make you,you hating Ukrainian Russian is not gonna ease your pain,it time for you to unite with your Russian comrade , and march to victory ,maybe all the way to Moscow for your liberation against Putin


That there are trolls here was to be expected. Lies do not become true by repeating them over and over again.
This war was long planned before 2014, who does not see that I’m sorry. The West did not want to see that, because it was interested in cheap gas and oil. Are there any who wanted a nationalist Ukraine? Possibly, no more and no less than in any other country where there is a dregs of idiots who have learned nothing from the last hundred years.
Democracy can be troublesome when you have your own goals, many leaders realize. First the oposition is suppressed, the elections are falsified, people go to jail or are killed, the full program. Not so that the own country is better off, but so that the leader himself is better off. His fantasies should become true.
Certainly, there is one who could not get over the fact that the world is not like it was when he was young. This war was not planned by a military, but by secret service men. He doesn’t care if tens of thousands of his soldiers die in a senseless war, he even accepts that in order to achieve his, not Russia’s goal. Now he is in the world he knows. History will not forget him, as it did not forget Stalin, Hittler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and many other tyrants and murderers. He doesn’t mind, because he has his place. No matter which side you are on, if you sacrifice your own and other people’s lives to achieve your own private goals, you are not a great man, but only a murderer. Even some Russian bloggers recognize that. But they blame an army that runs like lemmings to death, driven by fear, and not the man who manipulates them.
So far this is still logical, much more despicable are those, and I don’t mean the soldiers, who run after such men and bring them to power in the first place, although they themselves have hardly any advantages from it, even perhaps die. That is simply stupid. Mankind has learned nothing for thousands of years.


The first law of nature is self preservation,these countries had gas and oil contract decade ,when Ukraine was still part of the USSR, Ukraine acted as a middle man transient oil and gas for Russia even now as the bomb fall on Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian have always had a dysfunctional relationship,now and till the end


what you said is Putin started the war for himself, not for the Russians?


I want you to read something,it our faray in Afghanistan,the Afghanistan had ghost soldiers,that were none existence,but got US aid to pay them and commanders and government officials pocketed the money Google Aghanistan IG Report


I know this, I know a coffee mug is worth $1,200.


I not against helping any countries that need American help,lots of American do not like corrupt government , continue to oppress others,like we give Israel and Egypt , Israel oppress Palestinian and Egypt oppress it own people,with the aid the American taxpayer give,this 40 billion in this aid package,will only prolong this war months for Ukraine, without any gains sufficient to expel Russian


Why is Ukraine under martial law,which is undemocratic,is Zelensky insecure most able bodied men , would flee Ukraine,lots of people will never come back to Ukraine and trade their greener pastures for misery, countries offering you 3 years of free lodging,free education,and a path to citizen ship


I think everyone is aware of this fact and it just results in more casualties.

It is hoped that the Ukrainians will drive out the Russians in the same way that Afghanistan drives out the US.

But there are clear differences between the two:

First, in my impression, the US never won when it mostly relied on the Ground Based Unit. Such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War. The Russian Ground Based Unit hardly ever lost.

Second, Russia is right next to Ukraine. The United States is more than 10,000 kilometers away from Afghanistan.

Third, the Russians attacked the eastern and southern regions where ethnic Russians were the majority. The security problems it faces are minimal.

Speaking of the loss of Ukraine, there is a huge loss that you may not have noticed, the children of Ukraine disappeared, they entered the EU countries and never came back. We know the importance of population and young people to a country, which means that Ukraine has lost its future.


sorry, ‘the Ground Based Unit“ should be “army, ground force, land force”


That’s exactly what it is. Because the Russians who will be better off after this war than before it can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


Russian have not been better off ,in 100 of years


The Afghanistan government fail the people of Afghanistan,they were so keen on corruption,the US pulled the plug on the war,the US military is a hunter killer army,it goal is too confront the enemy man to man in own combat,not hiding in ditches, waiting for the enemy to appear,it cost 100 thousand dollars to maintain a fighting American soldiers,US is getting ready to dispatch 500 of their best soldiers to fight 10 of thousands of Somalia battle harden fighters,they will be equipped better the Ukrainlan best soldiers,with their own air support,transport ,and a flying tank ,with a 105 mm gun,with rockets and precision guided munition called Puff the Magic Dragon,on one lost in 30 years Google A130 Gunship


3 thing people should learn before accepting US aid, beggars cannot be choosy,do not bite the hand that feed you,God help those,who help themselves,maybe the Ukrainian government would learn this


I know the A130, it has strong firepower. Air superiority is especially important. An army without an air force is a guerrilla. The guerrillas also have the possibility or chance of victory, and the most important thing is that they must have the ability to penetrate the enemy’s control area. How did the Ukrainians get behind the Russian lines? I don’t think they have this ability.


Russian soldier plead guilty to murder , Google Moscow Times


Another fatal blow to the Ukrainlan government,the US government say it not legal for the US government to give Russian assets to Ukraine for rebuilding Google Yellen Russian Assets


Putin claim he deployed a death star in Ukraine,so you Jedi knight,be serious afraid in a galaxy far far away Google Putin Laser


Ukraine say the war has left them destitute, unable to pay bill ,no source of revenue,it did not stop they Taliban from harvesting poppies Google G7 Ukraine Bailout


Ukraine say the war has left them destitute, unable to pay bill ,no source of revenue,it did not stop the Taliban from harvesting poppies Google G7 Ukraine Bailout


All not quiet on the western front,a first hand report from the BBC Google Quentin Summerville BBC




I am the most anti Putin person here,I am not here be to spin the Ukrainian government opinion people in Ukraine do not think too much of their is own,with million leaving for greener pastures,if lots of Ukrainain men could leave,they would leave ,if you supported your government in Ukraine,you would be here supporting especially you down voters,only insecure people need others to validate their existence


Ukraine government is a basket case,lack the ability to do anything, without others,total dependent on the mercy of others,one of the first step is accept responsibility for it own people welfare


Are you a provocateur? There is a war in Ukraine and most Ukrainians were not ready, and so is the current political leadership, there were mistakes and there will be more, but as far as I can see, both the people and the political leadership are learning quickly.Talking about responsibility at this point is absolutely unnecessary


Owning up too one mistake,and blaming others ,while not taking responsibility,is not a lesson learned


Why is that amount of detail so important to you? Obviously they surrendered. In fact it seems Ukraine is trading all Azovstal troops with Russian POW’s and the wasteland that once was Mariupul is completely handed to Russia. Maybe this will free up some troops for Russia’s offense, but as I see it, most of them moved on already. Most significant impact might be slightly a dented morale for Ukrainian units.


@P Zelensky said that “the main thing for Ukraine is saving the lives of its servicemen.”
Before the surrender of the Azovstal every military man in this war would consider himself a coward if he surrendered. Now every military man in this war (both sides) can honourable surrender if he is low on food, low on ammo or cares for his wounded colleagues.
Zelensky said that “the main thing for Ukraine is saving the lives of its servicemen.” Take it literally and this war could be over in a month.


To the northeast of Avdiivka, Novoselivka fell and the H20 highway was cut off. You can correct me if my message is wrong.


If true Avdiivka would be a big blow in my opinion.

“Novoselivka fell and the H20 highway was cut off.” It’s a tiny village slightly north of Donetsk. Cutting of the highway there doesn’t do that much apart from blocking supplies to Avdiivka from one side (which apparently fell already). I guess you gotta make the most of it…


You address me to go get a room in Moscow,I never or will be a supporter of Putin war,I am American,an American do not take kindly of others to tell what they should ,do I see all the hell Putin ,has brought to Ukraine, American has great influence on shaping other American opinion on issues like supporting Ukraine


They say the first casualty of war,is the truth,it not the job of the government to protect people from the truth,the Ukrainlan government has not been truthful about Ukrainian death on the field of battle,during the war in Vietnam,their was a daily death count of US troops Google Ukrainian Military Death


Real data could lead to a breakdown in the morale and a failure in conscription. If women who lost their husbands riot, it could topple the government


What is your beef,with Ukraine,my beef is some of leaders of Ukraine,blaming others for their failures,blaming the rest of the world for their shortcomings of leadership, Ukraine had a lots of problems,before the war,this war made them only worst,they say 90 percentage of the people in Ukraine will be in poverty,if this war last one year,what country,you hail from Google Ukraine War Poverty


If this war lasts a year with losses on the battlefield and the Russian population will return to Stalin’s time, I am talking about the standard of living.


A mature government should he straightforward with it people,an not mislead them ,if the Ukrainlan government will not tell the truth too,the world will know,I do not think the Ukrainlan government has been truthful too the US or the American people


If you pay attention to my comments, you will notice that I rarely mention Ukraine itself. My focus is on the hostile struggle between the US and Russia. They thought of each other as enemies, possibly starting one hundred years ago.

I can add something to your question. The Ukrainian government has never told the truth. It has been like this since the birth of the country Ukraine.

Their government has been encouraging ethnic Ukrainians to be hostile to ethnic Russians. Because Ukrainians are the majority of the population, whoever gets more Ukrainian votes can come to power. Incitement to hatred is an easy and effective way to get votes.

The hatred of ethnic Ukrainians against ethnic Russians you find today is not because of this war, the war is just the result of this hatred. In the West, no one pays attention to this, and I offer you a different perspective.


If you delve into the hatred between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, it’s a very long history. After Ukraine became independent, they had a chance to shake hands and live together in one country. But unfortunately, in Ukraine, there has not been a strong and mature politician with great political skills。


Russian are not hated in the US,they are protected like all US citizens,we have strong laws against racist hatred in the US, Russian are not being single out in the US,and should not be persecuted in Ukraine,if they are not aiding Russian in the war


I think it very immature of Ukrainain,that hold these beliefs, especially when their country is in peril like this ,when national unity is needed against Russia,are you a Russian citizen


No, I am not Russian. I come from a third conutry.


They say Russian have encircle 16000 , Ukrainian in the east,this from an American news service Foxnews,not a fan of mime, your writing is excellent for a foreigner Google Foxnews Russian Ukraine Encircle


@YRRAL The WUF troops are technically not encircled. The article mentions the 16,000 troops in Lysyschansk and Sievierodonetsk. There’s a 30 km gap, from Popasna towards Yampil/Zarichne, but The RUF can cover that whole area with artillery. So it will be hard to bring in supplies and the WUF can only retreat in small groups, and RUF is pushing from Popasna northwards. The RUF took Orikhove today and shelled Zolote and Hirske


Ukraine say the war has left them destitute, unable to pay bill ,no source of revenue,it did not stop the Taliban from harvesting poppies Google G7 Ukraine Bailout


Can Ukrainian do anything that do not include others,they asking the world to prosecute Russian soldiers,could it be they do not trust their corrupt judicial system


I hope you someday come to America,and experience all the blessings of American


Thank you so much for the invitation, I hope it will happen one day. I am also following America because of this war.

America has a long history while Ukraine as a country has a short history. The American legal system and political system has a very long history, so you can see hate is not mainstream now. But there have been similar experiences in Ukraine, such as the Civil War, ethnic struggles, and so on. So looking back at the history of the US can probably understand the complexity of the Ukraine issue.


“in Ukraine” maybe change to “like Ukraine”. (I’m poor in English)


Go get a room you two. Somewhere in Moscow maybe.


Once an attack begins, it is difficult to end. Like this war, so hopefully we can discuss, not attack.


NO. He can’t. two reasons:
There will be strong objections and possibly offensive remarks.
The war has brought everyone in Europe and North America into one camp or the other.
Especially the Western camp , if you don’t join them, then they will dislike on you every word and every day.


It was a negotiated swap for Russian POWs it was not a surrender, idiot

Son of Bandera!

Hoping to see an advance toward and into Belgorod soon.


Do you think Ukrainian leadership would gamble like this? If Ukraine steps into Russian borders, that would give the Russians pretext for full mobilization. On one hand – mobilization could be very unpopular in Russia, but on the other hand, Russians might be motivated now that they are under attack… It could solve all their manpower issues. It would be very risky and the reaction of the Russian population to an attack or surrounding of Belgorod would be unpredictable. If I was the Ukrainian leadership, I would just continue the slow bleed of Russian troops and then plan counter offensives in some other areas like Kherson or Zaporizhie.


But if they mobilize can they equip those people? Ukraine is being equipped by the west, with the USA about to lend-lease them stuff, meanwhile we saw Russians had underequipped their already small invasion force, i’ve seen VALs without any attachment nor mimetic paint on them, still using the stock iron sight.

My opinion is that Russia isn’t mobilizing because they can’t equip them to begin with, i doubt a good propaganda campaign can’t turn the public opinion in favour of Mobilization, the Russian economy is small, they will be unable to fully exploit their population advantage.


This should count as an honourable surrender.


Please don’t use the “S” word, respectable circles frown upon it. Evacuation. Azovstal heroes have successfully completed their mission and now they are being successfully evacuated. Undoubtedly to some profoundly successful place.


Surrender into the custody of Putin,he will use this as propoganda,they already being shown on television in Russia


Russian Duma to try Azov, Google Russian Duma Azov

David Dzidzikashvili

Excellent report with details. Looks like the Russian invaders have lost the momentum once again, the second phase is going quite disastrous for Putin’s invading forces and we have not seen the tank battles we had anticipated in the Donbass region due to flat landscape and other advantages the Russian forces had, they had been unable to use any of the advantages.
The scenario remains the same they utilized in Abkhazia and Samachablo regions of Georgia, Chechnya and Syria – Massive industrial areal bombardments using any weapons including the prohibited cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs, heavy caliber explosives. The main goal is to terrorize civilian population, rape, pillage, looting, executions – all the same signature of the Russian armed forces we had been witnessing since the early 1990s…

Right now Ukraine has the upper hand it it desperately needs heavier weapons and rockets that will enable the Ukrainian side to control the skies and have the ability to reach targets at 200km-300km range. This will immediately change the formula towards Ukraine’s favor completely and we will start witnessing the final phase of the war – clearing out the Russian forces from the Ukrainian territories and restoring the Ukrainian sovereignty.

I hope my Ukrainian brothers and sisters will remain strong! Pray for Azov! Pray for the Mairupol fighters. At the end we shall win!


Important note on “including the prohibited cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs”: They are not prohibited. Not all countries signed the decree. Russia one of them. Ukraine a second. US a third. And of course a whole bunch of other nations.

I’m not even sure these tactics are deployed because of barbarity or simply because precision ammunition is not available / too expensive / requires better targeting. Probably a combination of both.


US 155mm Excalibur Artillery Shell cost 150 thousands dollars a piece,US has 300 thousands JDAM Kits to make dumb bomb smart for Putin Google US JDAM Inventory Google Excalibur 155mm Artillery Shell


When have Russian ever played by rules,a great majority of Ukrainain live under Russian rules most of their of their lives,too deny this is too deny your existence


Only thing Russian has lost ,is precision guided missile, meaning they have to use dumb bomb ,which will bring more collateral damage to Ukraine city


And when will all these scenarios happen,maybe you should purchase a lottery ticket,with your vision of the future


Biden and NATO has said nyet to long range Artillery for Ukraine Google US Field Artillery Manual Google US Long Range Artillery Ukraine

Matěj Cepl

> Looks like the Russian invaders have lost the momentum once again, the second phase is going quite disastrous for Putin’s invading forces …

I have to say that the last couple of days made me a bit more worried than before: the situation around Kharkiv is awesome (and I still don’t know what’s going on with Kozatcha Lopan, and I still hope in the UA offensive on Kupiansk, that could be a lot of fun!), but the situation around Popasne and Severodonietsk looks completely horrible!

Timothy Hurley

I’m just waiting for official confirmation that UA crossed the SD river at Staryi Saltiv and liberated two towns east of the SD.


Yes. If its true, its very important.


Thanks for the report. Do we know much about the state of fortifications and the strength of Ukrainian forces between Pylypchatyne and Svitlodarsk? If Ukrainian forces can’t stop the Russian push to the south-west from Popasna, Svitlodarsk will be surrounded.

(The main Russian objective from Popasna is likely to cut off the T1302 and T0513 roads that link Bakhmut to Lysychansk, but surrounding Svitlodarsk would be a logical detour on the way to Bakhmut.)


That is not true. In reality, they’ve successfully exchanged wounded warriors from Azovstal for russian terrorists. There will be more clarification on the matter later, with Zelesnky speech.