Invasion Day 104 – Summary

The summary of the 104th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 7th June 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Neither side made any new meaningful gains during the past two days. Both parties focus primarily on the usage of artillery and basically trying to bleed out its enemy. The amount of casualties is raising rapidly and the side, which can withstand this tactic for a longer period of time, most likely wins.

Russian army continues to hit the Ukrainian border regions of Sumy Oblast and keeps up to three BTGs near the border.

Kharkiv Frontline

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

partly sunny | ~26 °C

Shelling: Kharkiv outskirts, Bazilievka

There was no change on the ground in Kharkiv Oblast.

Siverskyi Donets

includes the area of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut

partly sunny | ~27 °C

Shelling: Hrushuvakha, Velyka Komyshuvakha, Chervona Polyana, Korulka, Shnurky, Dolyna, Lysychansk, Borivske

Slovyansk direction

  • Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions at Dovhenke and Dolyna. Both attacks were successfully repelled.
  • Russian troops entered the eastern outskirts of Svyatohirsk. Footage released today shows a destroyed bridge near the Svyatohirsk Cava Monastery.
  • According to Ukrainian General Staff, there is still some presence of Ukrainian troops at Shchurove and Staryi Karavan. However, everything indicates they’ll soon withdraw across Siverskyi Donets.

Sievierodonetsk direction

  • Russian forces reversed most of the Ukrainian gains and pushed them back to the industrial area in the south-west. Heavy fighting continues.
  • Ukrainian troops repelled an attack on their positions at Borivske.

Bakhmut direction

  • Russian troops again tried to break through Ukrainian lines in the vicinity of Berestove and Bilohorivka in order to capture the highway connecting Bakhmut and Lysychansk. They didn’t succeed.
  • The enemy made an effort to push towards the Vuhledirsk powerplant from the east and south, but didn’t break through the first Ukrainian line of defense.

South-Eastern Front

includes Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblast

partly sunny | ~28 °C

Donetsk Oblast

Shelling: Pisky, Avdiivka, Kamyanka

There was no change on the ground in Donetsk Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Shelling: vicinity of Orikhiv and Huliaipole

There was no change on the ground in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Kherson Frontline

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

mostly cloudy | ~29 °C

Shelling: Mykolaiv, Luch, Blahodatne, Shyroke, Tokareve

Ukrainian repulsed an enemy attack in the direction of Lozove and Bila Krynytsia, confirming both settlements are under their control.

Ukrainian helicopters reportedly raided an assembly area in the rear of Russians and caused vast damaged to the enemy group.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.

Maps and article are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), press released of Russian Army, DPR and LPR (taken with a grain of salt)

Visit our Deployment map for updated interactive map of captured areas and Ukrainian units.

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Remember to ban posts by X-point that push Russian media talking points about how, after murdering and raping their way through Ukraine, that they think they can murder hundreds of millions of people in nuclear fire and go to heaven for it:

Guy Osborn

Regarding Jerome’s accuracy… I spent, in total, about five weeks delivering food/medical equipment etc and doing evacuations, mostly from Drobysheve in a ragged line across to Sievierdonetsk. We used his information and maps when deciding where we could and could not go and they seemed very accurate to us. Of course there will be some errors but we and both the charities we worked with trusted the information here. Don’t believe the pro-invasion trolls here.

Henry Whitworth

The paid trolls really do their job in that they make it impossible for people to have reasonable, informed, conversations where information can be shared in a useful way. Jerome does a great job with the material he presents here so his site gets a lot of attention from different bloggers and organizations. So, of course, some of the paid, trained, propagandists are on the job relentlessly to dump on and derail every conversation.

They constantly cast doubt on information and dominate much of online conversation here and everywhere on the web where conversation is allowed because most site operators want to respect freedom of speech. Some choose to monitor and ban the trolls because, ultimately, that’s what it takes to foster the free sharing of information where people can actually learn things.

It’s a depressing irony that people who support authoritarian regimes that would shut down freedom of speech use our freedom against us. It’s no joke that they’d make slaves of us all. We see enough people willing to serve them, even as their governments murder by the thousands.


Russian disinformation and cheerleaders are strong in this page author, you should probably ban most of the pro Russians here who support the murder and rape of their victims.


Even Churchill and Zelensky had to limit propaganda.


Idk it would feel empty in the chat without them, i kinda like the banter in the chat too

Henry Whitworth

I think spaces like this wind up deprived of a lot of curious people who actually want to find information and others who want to share information. It takes little time before decent people just give up on trying to use spaces like this to learn anything when the troll farms get a forum on their radar.

It’s just too easy to degrade every conversation into a meaningless back and forth that does nothing but cast doubt on everything we know or hope to find out about what’s going on. They’re trained in how to do this. While the methods become obvious if you study what they do, there is little that anyone can do to keep them from crashing every comment thread this way aside from site monitors who choose to call it what it is and ban them relentlessly.

I guarantee that if two or three of the obvious ones got banned two or three new profiles would appear in short order to replace them making the same dumb arguments and interrupting every conversation.


In the Donbass region the Ruzzians are using seperatists troops to try and take Ukrainian positions after bombardment.
This is because the Ruzzians can claim that their troops are not being killed or wounded in action.
Is that being clever, cynical or devious or all three.


The author writes that Russia only entered the eastern outskirts of Sviatohirsk. Meanwhile, there is already an official confirmation of the Russian Defense Minister about the occupation of Svyatogorsk, in addition, there are plenty of photos, video confirmations

Michal Slastan

ruZZuab defense minister is a known and proven liar. Nobody really listens to him anymore.


Russian official sources are just not in a hurry to announce the capture of cities. Well, you can certainly believe the Ukrainian official sources, according to their version, a successful extraction operation took place from Azovstal


Russian (official) sources are generally in a hurry to announce anything that remotely looks like a success. I cant count the times I’ve read Mariupol was captured before it actually happened. The bridge across the Dniester Estuary was reported destroyed 5 times before it was actually heavily damaged. In the beginning of the war the Russian reports kept claiming literally hundreds of military targets were hit each day. The biggest reason for me not to trust Ukrainian sources is because they are almost the sole controllers of the information landscape. They are free to make up anything as there are very few independent sources available and Russian sources are very reliable: always a lie. Therefore it is important that people like Jerome at least try to create something that filters out all the crap.


What you write does not correspond to reality and it is easy to check. The capture of Mariupol was reported twice by Russian officials at the level of the Minister of Defense or the President. For the first time on April 21, with the reservation that the Azovstal plant remains completely surrounded under the control of Ukraine. For the second time after the surrender of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.

The bridge over the Dniester was indeed hit several times and each time it was damaged, which does not exclude the fact that Ukraine also restored it every time. What is the deception here?


Yeah sure, if you announce the same stuff 5 times through different channels, theres bound to be 1 right eventually. The bridge was hit only 3 times. 2 times the damage was insignificant. The last time the bridge required several weeks of repairs. Of course you can fire a shotgun at a tank and claim heavy damage was done because theres some scratches in the paint. Of course the level of sources you mention hardly report on this sort of stuff. They online spread big lies: like we only do exercises on the border of Ukraine.


That’s because they did extract, reinforce and resupply a number of times with helicopters.

Zachar is spreading disinformation, author should remove their post.


As in Russia is a verified constant liar. Zachar is reinforcing their lies here.


You can’t justify your words, so you need to delete mine?


You are putin blood puppet, gloating in ruzzian cruelty and barbarism


When the US bombed Yugoslavia and Iraq, was it not barbarism? When Ukraine strikes the center of Donetsk with artillery, is it not barbarism? Whose puppet are you?


Even if, did they kill civilians in cold blood? Did they lock them up in basements untill they suffocated? Did they rape women? Your “whataboutism” is pathetic.


About rape, this is a cheap cosplay of Goebbels propaganda, the Ukrainian ombudsman Denisova, who was fired for lying, said the most about them. Moreover, she herself admitted that it was a lie in order to maintain the interest of Western philistines and achieve the supply of weapons


She’s not the only one who claimed it, there are multiple sources. And your answer is only to one part of my message.


If anyone knows about propaganda, it’d definitely be you.

Isnt there some blood of dead children you can go bathe in, rather than post your disgusting vile garbage here?


How many times Russian official source announce the capture of Lyman before it was true? And its just one example.


Officially announced once. And they really occupied the city


Must be horrible to think like a ruzzian. How long does it take to be like that, sad so sad!


When there is nothing to object to the facts, you are left to write incoherent nonsense. It’s really sad


What facts – Ruzzian nazis are cruel and barbaric – we know that.


This is disinformation, author should remove.


I mean the words of the first persons – the Minister of Defense and the President of Russia, they are very cautious. And their statements about the occupation of the city at least deserve attention


Just like molotov bread baskets 😉

Zakhar video confirming the occupation of Svyatogorsk


haha, wargonzo? They guy who got catched mutliple times staging his “reports” from frontline? xD


The city is under Russian control, so the video was shot by a pro-Russian reporter. This is logical. It would be very strange if a pro-Ukrainian reporter shot a video from a Russian-controlled city. However, you can continue to tell the tales of your Ukrainian propagandists


You are missing the point, and as usually try to muddy the waters. I’m saying he’s not trustworthy because he got catched while staging his reports, whats so difficult to understand in that? I haven’t said anything about Ukrainian sources, what are you talking about?


what difference does it make who shot the video if it clearly shows that Svyatogorsk is under Russian control? By the way, the author has already indicated in the next review that Svyatogorsk is under the control of Russia. Or do you still disagree with this? That’s the point


Can anyone predict how long the Ukrainian army can hold out at Sievierodonetsk? 

The information is so mixed up that I can no longer judge the situation in the city .


The city is under Russian control, with the exception of the industrial zone, Ukraine is gradually withdrawing troops to Lisichansk

Michal Slastan

Russians made no advance in Donetsk area in about five days. That kinda looks sad to me. They are running out of momentum fast. On the other hand I read about further arms for Ukraine from every nation of western world daily. Russia window of opportunity is closing fast.


In Donetsk, no one will attack head-on, on positions that have been fortified for 8 years. The Western world does not supply any weapons capable of seriously influencing something, the supplies of heavy weapons are rather symbolic, even President Zelensky declared Russia’s technical superiority yesterday, and this will not change


Michal, Russians making no advance looks really good to me. Criminal attacks should not work. We have to make sure of that. Every nation should rest in peace inside that nations borders. The war is on Ukrainian territory.


the point is not this I guess , russians will get severodonetsk at the end , what is important for ukraine is to keep the occupiers busy over there while counterattacking somewhere else (south , for example )


Until they have high ground in Lysychansk and logistic routes on its wet side are safe they will hold i think. After all this area is easy to make safe withdraw. Russians gona have hard time there if they won’t cut them off supplies.

Nean D.

It’s worth noting that the “incredibly shrinking Russian offensive” made everyone assign more weight to fall of Sievierodonetsk, as if this will change the fate of Ukraine… it won’t. The strategic importance of capturing this burned out city will be the fact the Russians won’t need to die in street battles there, but rather in battles over the next urban holdout.


@Needle, I don’t think anyone knows. The city doesn’t have major strategic value, yet appears to have high political value for Russia and increasingly so for Ukraine. With artillery on the higher ground in Lysychansk, it appears to offer the Ukrainians a chance to hammer Russian forces who are throwing a lot of their combat capability into the fight. I assume the Ukrainian’s will withdraw once the damage they are inflicting is no longer worth the cost they are incurring. It would seem we have yet to reach that point.

Fjose Smørhatt

The city itself doesn’t really mean that much, keeping the Russians busy fighting for it for as long as possible, maximising cost of operation for them, is what matters. It might fall, it might not. More likely than not.

Of course it will be spun and made into a propaganda victory for Putin — but that is in the short-term. Long-term, I completely fail to see how the Russians can translate any gain on the battleground into a settlement with Ukraine involving the transfer of territory that Russia clearly wants — because Russia simply won’t be able to hold on to it. Russian troops will either die there, flee or attack the Ukranians when Ukranians start to lay siege to Russian occupied territories. Victory for Ukraine in all cases.

The Russians lost the moment Ukraininas decided to put up a fight and the Ukrainian government didn’t collapse. The outcome was decided already in late February, early March. Pretty much.

Russia is proud of its victories against Napoleon and against Hitler, but they forget that they fought together with the whole of Europe against a cancerous aggressor — and they barely made it. Now they are alone — because now they have become the cancerous aggressor.


Well, well, well, well… raiding their Belarusian vassal for equipment:


You do great work! i hope the west keep the weapons coming in and ukraine to be able to do contra offensive late summer. Also i hope we soon see the harpoons from denmark in action

Henry Whitworth

Grind time continues in Donbas. Meanwhile weird things afoot in the south with Russia pulling out of some places and possibly building a force to try to drive up to Zaporhizhia. Some analysts seem to think the T-62s are slated for offensive operations there.

Kris Wustrow

I’ve seen reports on Twitter feeds that all this reserve Russian forces (and the column of old T-62s) are heading to the Kherson lines.

Henry Whitworth

That would definitely seem to make more sense in light of Ukraine’s apparent advances in the area and the strategic importance of the place. But we’ve also seen that Putin may at times be ordering his army into costly drives towards largely symbolic objectives so I’m not necessarily counting on them doing the thing that makes sense.


What successes? Ukraine failed the counteroffensive near Kherson and rolled back even further, suffering heavy losses, Russia occupied Belaya Krinitsa on the other side of the Ingulets River, Davydov Ford is again occupied by Russia

Michal Slastan

Nuts… I dont know why you Orks do this.

Henry Whitworth

The really relentless ones are often the paid trolls trained in derailing the flow of conversation online. I’m puzzled why so many people still seem to doubt their very existence when their presence in online forums is so obvious and intelligence agencies have clearly shown that this is what is going on.

I mean, why wouldn’t authoritarian regimes take advantage of the democratic world’s belief in freedom of information in this way? Troll farms aren’t THAT expensive as they are recruited from places held in poverty by these very regimes and they wouldn’t have to be paid very much. They can be very effective in derailing the sharing of information. It’s not that hard, ultimately to increase cynicism and doubt among free people in our own efforts, particularly when they can just sign up on every open site and pretend to be someone who actually values freedom.

Last edited 24 days ago by Henry Whitworth
Fjose Smørhatt

Paradoxically, the enemy becomes a friend in this regard; Russia is a freedom of speech maximalist on behalf of Western countries, for instance Russian trolls on Twitter, because that opens the window and secures the free flow of their own propaganda into these Western countries.