Volunteers of Armed Forces

All volunteer units under the command of Armed Forces of Ukraine were reformed and transferred to already existing brigades by late 2016.

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55th UNSO Battalion 131st Recon Battalion Aydar Batkivshchyna Carpatian Sich
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Dnipro-2 Dnipropetrovsk Donbass-Ukraine Dyka kachka Georgian National Legion
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Horyn Cherkasy Chernihiv-1 Chernihiv-2 Kharkiv
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Khmelnitsky Khortytsya Kirovohrad Kryvbas Kyiv
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Kyyivska Rus (11) Kyyivska Rus (25) Mesnyky Mykolayiv Odesa
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OUN OUN-UAF Patriot Phoenix Podillya
i_10btro_thumb i_16btro_thumb i_42btro_thumb i_21btro_thumb i_15btro_thumb
Polissya Poltava Rukh Oporu Sarmat Sumy
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UNSO Recon Company Vinnytsya Volya Volyn Zakarpattya
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Zaporizhzhya Zbruch