Losses database – Howto

In order to submit a loss, you need to create an account on our site. Visit the registration page to create one. Once you successfully complete the registration process, you can start submitting the losses.

Visit Submit a new loss to open the submission form.


The first step to submit a loss is to select the category. Pick one that suits your submission the best. If you are unsure, select Other category.

Listing attributes

After selecting a category, a form pops up. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward.


Select up to five images related to your submission. If any of the images contain more than one loss, please mark visibly the one you are submitting. Example


Fill the location of your submission. The location service is provided by Mapbox and unfortunately, many smaller Ukrainian towns and villages do not have English translation. In case there is no English name available, please search for the Ukrainian name.

Listing number

Add manually ID of the listing. Check the main page for the last ID. This is currently a temporary solution.

Loss type

Select one option that suits your submission the best.

  • Abandoned – vehicle was abandoned, but we have no proof it has been captured
  • Captured – vehicle was captured by the other side
  • Combat Loss – destroyed during combat
  • Indirect – destroyed during shelling or any other way


Select the condition of the vehicle.

  • Pristine – fully working condition
  • Damaged – the vehicle is visibly damaged
  • Destroyed – the vehicle is further unusable
  • Unknown – select if the vehicle’s condition is unknown


Select the operator of the vehicle.

  • Russia / Ukraine – the operator was Russia/Ukraine
  • Russia -> Ukraine / Ukraine -> Russia – the original operator was Russia/Ukraine, but is now in the service of the other side
  • Russia Full / Ukraine Full – recapture of previously lost vehicle


Select a type of the vehicle. This is optional.

Note: Due to many variants and types, it can happen that your type of vehicle is missing. If that’s the case, fill it to description and let me know via email. I’ll add the option later on.


If you have the source, please link it.

Note: It’s not allowed to copy & paste from other losses lists, e.g. Oryx. We respect their work, so should you.


Fill the exact coordinates of the loss. This is optional and will be used in the future for exact map marking.


The date of the loss.

Vehicle number

If the vehicle has a number, or code, please fill it here.

Military unit

If you know the previous owner of the vehicle, fill it here.


Feel free to provide any additional information here.