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"Implementation of modern A-A, A-T weapons by tje Ukrainian Army" - OSCE 2019 raport

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For interested. In early spring 2019, I was in Ukraine as part of the mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) from Poland.

As a result of this expedition, a group of officers created, among others a report on "Implementation of modern anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons by the Ukrainian Army 2015-2019."

The document was initially confidential, then: for official use. On August 18, 2022, it becomes the public domain and everyone will be able to have it.

What's inside? For example, the number of soldiers who have been trained to use e.g. Javelin, NLAV by each country. (over 6,000 soldiers have been trained, and 300 have obtained the status of an instructor to be able to train more Ukrainian soldiers - only in 2017-18)
How many "live shots" were made during the training (a lot - thousands durring 2017-18).

Generally, the entire document contains thousands of pages of text, charts, photos, tables, data, etc. Of course, the personal data has been anonymized.

Most interestingly, in November 2022, similar report on the armored forces, and in early 2023 - on the mechanized troops, will become publicly available.

I would like to inform you right away that Russia will gain nothing from the publication, as it has known this data from the very beginning. The Russian Federation, as a member of the OSCE, participated in the preparation of this report and received it together with other member states.

An ordinary person interested in such matters will have a lot of starting material on the Army of Ukraine and will find the answer by how miraculously the Russians suffered such losses at the beginning of the campaign and where the successes of the Ukrainian troops came from.

Unfortunately, the report also contains answers as to why the Ukrainian Army is now withdrawing and why the problems and the loss of the front line are coming from.

If anyone is interfered with with this data, please let me know. As soon as it becomes public, I will post a link, or the entire file (depending on what form it will be shared) here on the forum, so that anyone interested can read it.

To administrator/moderator

If you are interested in accessing some of the OSCE reports on Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia etc. for the purpose of maintaining this website, contact me.

Documents are public, but it is very difficult to obtain as they are not published openly. Possessing and publishing them is not a violation of any law, unless you indicate the source.

They surely give a new look at the present conflict, especially that they are created by officers and officers from "both sides", also usually devoid of the bias that characterizes state reports.

For example, comparing these reports with the reports of Ukraine or Russia will make a huge smile on your face.


If you have any questions, doubts or ideas, post them here, I will be happy to answer as long as I know the answer.




Posted : July 9, 2022 14:02