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Good afternoon,
in the comments of the 168th day, I tried to post 2 comments that are neutral from my point of view. After publishing, I saw that I had pre-moderation enabled. What is the problem? Comments were neutral. Please explain. Or that my point of view does not coincide with your pro-Ukrainian views? It happens, people have different points of view, and they are not necessarily Russian hamsters or agents of the Kremlin.

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the comment system works based on reputation. If you have X amount of previously approved comments/replies, your comments are visible instantly. In other cases, it needs to be manually approved.

I'm trying to keep the comment section on-topic, and off-topic comments aren't approved. You're more than welcome to create a topic here, on forums.

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This is what is strange: I had quite a lot of approved comments that appeared, as you say, immediately. That is, I have already gone the path of a beginner, but suddenly pre-moderation turned on again. That's where my question came from. Okay, I'll try again.
Your suggestion to create a topic on the forum is very interesting to me: I will not be able to support the created topic, because I do not appear here often - mainly to look at the map and compare with the Russian version.