Ukraine deploys units to Russian border

The units of air assault brigades have been deployed to the most dangerous areas alongside the Ukraine-Russian border, mainly the area of Joint forces operation zone.

During the visit of Zhytomyr, President Poroshenko visited one of the military bases in the region and wished good luck to Ukrainian airmobile troops. According to media reports, the 95th and 25th Airmobile Brigades are being deployed.

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95th Air Assault Brigade is one of the finest units of Ukrainian Forces. The unit participated in peacekeeping missions, the siege of Slavyansk, defense of Donetsk Airport and conducted a successful raid behind separatist lines in 2014. 95th Air Assault Brigade is equipped with T-80s, BTR-3s, Humvees and other heavy and light combat vehicles.

25th Airmobile Brigade is the only brigade of Ukrainian Forces that is able to be parachuted anywhere in the full force. The unit is infamously known for the surrender of its equipment near Kramatorsk and its plane was shut down during the landing phase near Luhansk Airport in 2014. 25th Airmobile Brigade is equipped with BMD-1s, BMD-2s, and other light combat vehicles.





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