Troops rotation – Summer 2019

Summer of 2019 marked a significant change of forces in Donbas. Two brigades have been replaced and social reports reveal deployment of several more units.

  • 57th Motorized Brigade – after several months of deployment, the brigade returns to its garrison in Kherson Region. They were stationed in Pisky near Donetsk Airport.
  • 54th Mechanized Brigade – the brigade served its time on the frontline and returns back to its base in Bakhmut.
  • 72nd Mechanized Brigade – the unit replaces 54th Mechanized Brigade in trenches near Zolote and Popasna.
  • 14th Mechanized Brigade – according to reports on social media, the 14th Mechanized Brigade is deployed to Krymske and nearby area.
  • 406th Marine Artillery Brigade – one element is deployed near Hranite to support 35th Marine Corps Brigade in the area.
  • 74th Intelligence Battalion – deployed to Marinka alongside 24th Mechanized Brigade.

Our Deployment map has been updated to reflect the changes in Donbas.

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