Rotation of troops in September 2019

Most likely the last rotation of the year 2019 happened in Joint Forces Operation Zone. Soldiers of three Ukrainian brigades have been replaced by their colleagues.

  • 24th Mechanized Brigade served its time and returns back to its homebase in Lviv. They guarded Marinka and the surrounding area.
  • 28th Mechanized Brigade returns to Donbas after a year-long break and replaces 24th Mechanized Brigade in Marinka.
  • 93rd Mechanized Brigade returns to their homebase in Chersaky.  They were deployed in Avdiivka.
  • 92nd Mechanized Brigade replaces their comrades of 93rd Mechanized Brigade in Avdiivka.
  • 25th Airborne Brigade finally returns to its base in Dnipro Region after a year-long deployment in Stanytsia Luhanska and alongside the border with Russia.
  • 46th AirAssault Brigade replaces 25th Airmobile Brigade in the area.

Our Deployment map has been updated to reflect the changes in Donbas.

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