New insignias for AirAssault troops

Seven units of Air Assault Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine received brand new insignias. The insignias respect historic and national military symbolism.

The ongoing de-Sovietization of Ukrainian military insignias has reached the Air Assault Forces as well. 23rd Tank Battalion, 25th Airborne, 46th AirAssault, 79th AirAssault, 80th AirAssault, 95th AirAssault and 132nd Intelligence Battalion received new emblems.

All military insignias are being developed in accordance with the standardized concept of symbolism – escutcheon shield, no more than four colours and no inscriptions or coats of arms of settlements.

23rd Tank Battalion 25th Airborne Brigade 46th AirAssault Brigade
79th AirAssault Brigade 80th AirAssault Brigade 95th AirAssault Brigade
132nd Intelligence Battalion

Our list of units within the structure of Armed Forces of Ukraine has been updated to reflect this change.

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