National Guard

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The National Guard of Ukraine (Національна гвардія України) is national gendarmerie force serving under Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The branch was originally created in 1991, later disbanded due to money issues and its soldiers transferred into Internal Troops of Ukraine. In 2014, National Guard was renewed to counter Russian aggression and Internal Troops disbanded due to actions during EuroMaidan Revolution.

Volunteer Units

Regular Units

i_vega_thumb i_02ngu_thumb i_08ngu_thumb
Detachment Vega 2nd Galician Brigade 8th Kalinovsky Regiment 13th Battalion 32th Battalion
40th Regiment 45th Regiment 50th Regiment
1st Presidential Brigade 25th Brigade 25th Battalion 27th Brigade 75th Battalion
12th Battalion 14th Battalion 16th Regiment 21th Brigade 26th Battalion
Detachment Ares 3rd Brigade 5th Slabozhansky Brigade 11th Battalion 15th Regiment
18th Regiment
i_09ngu_thumb i_19ngu_thumb
Detachment Odessa 9th Regiment 16th Battalion 19th Regiment 19th Battalion
23th Brigade 34th Battalion 49th Regiment

Odessa, 9 regiment cheetah, 16 sep bat, 19 regiment public order, 19 sep bat, 23 regiment public order, 34 sep bat, 49 regiment public order

i_airngu_thumb i_omega_thumb i_04ngu_thumb
Airguard formation Detachment Omega Communications 4th Rapid Response

Units of special protection

Following units are stationed around important state facilities across Ukraine or during diplomatic missions to protect important persons.

1st Regiment 1st Battalion 2nd Regiment 2nd Battalion 3rd Battalion
4th Regiment 4th Battalion 5th Battalion 22nd Brigade
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