Border Guards

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State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Державна Прикордонна Служба України) is independent law enforcement agency, that’s subordinated directly to President of Ukraine. However, during wartime, border guard units fall under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Their main duty is to guard borders of Ukraine.

Volunteer Units

i_sevchenko_thumb i_sever_thumb
T. Schevchenko Sever

Regular units

Northern detachment

i_chernihiv_thumb i_lutsk_thumb i_zhytomyr_thumb
Chernihiv Lutsk Zhytomyr

Western detachment

i_chernivtsi_thumb i_chop_thumb i_lviv_thumb i_mostissky_thumb i_mukachevo_thumb
Chernivtsi Chop Lviv Mostissky Mukachevo

Southern detachment

i_belgorod_thumb i_izmail_thumb i_mohyliv_thumb i_podilsky_thumb i_odessa_thumb
Belgorod-Dniester Izmail Mogilev-Podolsky Podilsky Odessa
i_odessamarines_thumb i_odessair_thumb
Odessa Marines Odessa Air Squad

Eastern detachment

i_donetsk_thumb i_kharkiv_thumb i_kharkivair_thumb i_kramatorsk_thumb i_luhansk_thumb
Donetsk Kharkiv Kharkiv Air Squad Kramatorsk Luhansk
i_odessamarines_thumb i_sumy_thumb
Mariupol Marines Sumy

Black sea detachment & Special Units

i_berdyansk_thumb i_kherson_thumb
Berdyansk Kherson Mobile Detachment Watch
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