Azov Regiment leaves the frontline

The command of Joint Forces Operation Zone announced the change of Ukrainian forces at Svitlodarsk Bulge and the surrounding area.

Azov Regiment and 30th Mechanized Brigade leave the combat area and both returned to its garrisons in Urzuv, Donetsk Region and Novohrad, Zhytomyr Region. As we reported on our site, they were deployed at Svitlodarsk Bulge since February 2019. Azov Regiment lost four soldiers during the period of the deployed, 30th Mechanized Brigade didn’t sustain any casualty.

59th Mechanized Brigade replaces 30th Mechanized Brigade at Svitlodarsk Bulge. It’s currently unknown who and if any unit replaces Azov Regiment, some of our sources indicated that Donbas Battalion might be deployed at Svitlodarsk Bulge. We’ll keep you updated.

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Our deployment map has been updated to reflect the changes.

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