30th Mechanized Brigade

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Active Submission Role Size Type Garrison
1991 – today OC North Mechanized Infantry Brigade Separate Novohrad, Zhytomyr Region

30th Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Konstanty Ostrogski (30-та окрема механізована бригада) is a mechanized brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine and successor of 30th Tank Division of Soviet Army. The brigade was one of the five brigades, which were capable of fighting after the annexation of Crimea. 30th Mechanized Brigade was deployed to the border with Crimea and later dispatched to defend Savur Mohyla. They were also deployed to Marinka and later Debaltsevo.

1st Mechanized Battalion

The first mechanized battalion of 30th Mechanized Brigade.

2nd Mechanized Battalion

The battalion was formed in June 2014 as 2nd Territorial Defense Battalion “Goryn”. In 2015, the unit was reformatted as 2nd Mechanized Battalion.

3rd Mechanized Battalion

The third mechanized battalion of 30th Mechanized Brigade.

Tank Battalion

Tank battalion of the brigade equipped with T-64B and T-64BV tanks.

Artillery Group

Brigade artillery group equipped with 2S1 and 2S3 self-propelled artillery vehicles.

Reconnaissance Company

Brigade scouts. The unit is equipped with BRDM-2s.

Anti-Aircraft Company

The company provides protection against danger from the air. It’s equipped with 2K22 Tunguska and 2K35 Strela-10.

Support units

This includes all rear elements such as engineers, communication, medics, and material support unit.



The camouflage was officially adopted as standard camouflage of Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014. The semi-arid, with the addition of digital pattern, works well in Ukrainian nature.


Type: MBT | Quantity: 4


Type: MBT | Quantity: 8


Type: IFV | Quantity: 20+


Type: IFV | Quantity: 4+


Type: APC | Quantity: 5+


Type: APC | Quantity: 3+


Type: LAV | Quantity: 2+

2K35 Strela-10

Type: AA | Quantity: 2+

2K22 Tunguska

Type: AA | Quantity: 8

2S1 Gvozdika

Type: Artillery | Quantity: 18

2S3 Akatsiya

Type: Artillery | Quantity: 18

BM-21 Grad

Type: Artillery | Quantity: 5+


The border

12 June – 8 August 2014

An operation to restore control of the border with Russia was initially successful but Ukrainian forces were forced to retreat due to heavy casualties and Russian artillery attacks.


4 August 2014 – today

The town was liberated by Ukrainian forces in August 2014. Separatists launched an offensive in 2015 and captured more than a half of the town before Ukrainian reinforcements pushed them back to original positions.

Debaltsevo 2015

1st January 2015 – 18th February 2015

Russian forces launched an offensive to capture important railway crossroad, the city of Debaltsevo. Ukrainian forces had not enough manpower in the area and they had to withdraw.



According to preliminary data, the unit lost the following equipment:

  • ~50 BMP-2 and 5 BMP-1
  • ~3 T-64 tanks
  • At least 1 2S3 Akatsiya

30th Mechanized Brigade available

A page of 30th Mechanized Brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine was added to our site. The page contains the unit’s structure, uniforms, warpath, and more.

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The story of T-84 Oplot

We tracked down the story of T-84 Oplot, Ukrainian main battle tank which was brought back from storage to its life in 2017 but disappeared again in 2018 after Independence parade.

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Another batch of emblems approved

Three units of Armed Forces of Ukraine officially received new insignias. The insignias respect historic and national military symbolism.

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Azov Regiment deployment in Donbas

Azov Regiment announced last week it sending its force to the frontline. Today, we know the place and which units are deployed.

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Azov Regiment redeployed to Donbas

Azov Regiment, together with 30th Mechanized Brigade, has been deployed to Joint Forces Operation area (previously known as ATO zone).

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