Ivano-Frankivsk battalion available

Ivano-Frankivsk battalion’s page has been added to our site. The page contains unit’s history, equipment, uniforms and warpath.

Ivano-Frankivsk battalion is a volunteer unit established in 2014. The battalion fought in Illovaysk alongside other volunteer and regular units. Similar to Skif battalion, Ivano-Frankivks is one of the last unit that was not reformed during the National Police reform. You can learn more about the battalion on their page.

Ukraine to receive Javelins but …

Ukraine has been asking the US for lethal support since the begging of the conflict with Russia in 2014. However, US provided only non-lethal support until the last week. US approved the sale of 210 anti-tank Javelin missiles along with 37 launch units to Ukraine for $47 millions. The training of Ukrainian soldiers has already begun. The weapons will probably be delivered to Ukraine around April, according to several US officials. Which Ukrainian unit will receive the weapons is currently unknown but our bets are on 95th Airborne brigade. The unit received several T-80BVs last year and is considered as best fighting force in Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Police action against protestors in Kyiv

Negative reactions caused an action of law forces as they demolished a protestors camp near Verkhovna rada. The camp was set up back in October and protesters demanded resignation or president of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko because of corruption. The protestors were also supported by ex-Georgian president Mr. Saakashvili. We are not going to investigate who is to blame or the background but instead, we will provide you information about sides involved in this conflict.


  • Special forces of National Police (Kyiv branch) – formed in 2015. Some of them were seen fully armed, including AK rifles.
  • First Presidential Brigade of National Guard – reformed Bars unit of Internal Troops. They participated against EuroMaidan protestors as well as served in the ATO zone. You can read more about them in the history of Kulchitskyi Battalion.
  • Unknown unit of National Guard – at least one more unit of National Guard participated against the protestors.


  • Liberty movement – formed from volunteers all of Ukraine including Donbas, Aidar battalion and some Right Sector members as well
  • Members of Donbas Battalion, including Mr. Semenchenko