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Militaryland.net is an independent project.

Founded in 2018, the website is free time project by a passioned military fan, who is following Ukrainian Conflict since 2013. The focus is to bring to English speaking visitors information about Ukrainian Army and related topics from a slightly different perspective.

We care about details, not just general information.

Many websites out there confuse tanks and armored personnel carriers, most of them can’t tell difference between T-72 and T-80. We don’t and we tell you the difference.

Trust, but verify.

We verify each information. Social media such as Facebook, Vk.com, Twitter and local military forums are our main source.

A different take on the military.

We all heard about Donbas or Azov Battalion but not much was told about their equipment, structure, camouflage or casualties. We are here to tell you that.

You can help if you want to.

If you find incorrect information, please report it to us and we will fix it.

Are you interested in deeper cooperation? Please let us know, there are many other conflicts to cover.

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